White Denim Debacule

A staple in almost all women’s closets, white jeans go with nearly everything and can be worn year round. Yes that is me admitting to wearing these after labor day, I know I know Fashion faux pas! I think as long as you are comfortable and confident, wear it!

My journey battle to find white jeans began around the end of May this year.  I know it sounds crazy ,but apparently if you want to find white jeans in your size you needed to look in early spring or closer to august.  #juliefail that did not happened and I resorted to some serious online shopping. I scoured reviews like I was ordering a gift for the queen.

I have one decent pair of white jeans from Jcrew that are “boyfriend” fit and love them; however I wanted a more fitted pair that provided a more polished look. So I started my hunt, here is a review of each pair I tried.

Madewell – tall 8″ skinny jeans in pure white 

white madewell

Find them: Here

So these jeans felt AMAZING and fit AMAZING. Minus one simple fact, I’m 5’8 and the regulars were just a bit too short (hitting right above the ankle). So of course I went back to get the talls in my size (28) and of course they were soldout, so I went with the tallers…which of course were too long and too big? Apparently this is a thing if you get longer lengths the entire jean can increase in size???…. Ughhhh! I spoke with the sales lady who mentioned to me that to get the talls you have to order early! Well I just checked today and they are not only back in stock, but they are on sale! #justmyluck   I would definitely recommend these, they are white, not see through, have front pockets, and the material feels soo soft these would have been in my closet today had they been in stock when I first looked. Definitely considering ordering myself another pair.

Rag and Bone – The Skinny’ Jeans (Bright White)

white rag and bone

Find them: Here

 I so wanted to like these, I’ve never owned anything Rag and Bone but I have seen and heard  praises of how amazing they are. Hmm maybe its me but these were by far the worst pair i tried ! These where very bright white, however the material was just not right for a white jean. Too tight in the legs with no stretch and not thick enough material, so every imperfection was on display! They also lack front pockets. I shockingly got these zipped up and the length was fine, however moving around/breathing in these was less than ideal. These were tight to the point of leggings tight, minus all the nice stretch that allows us to get into leggings. Needles to say they were promptly returned.

Nico Midrise super skinny  in Lunette

nice mid rise

Find them: Here

To start off I love this brand, I have 3 pairs of Hudson’s, 2 jeans and 1 black pair, and I couldn’t L –O-V-E them more. They fit great with a bit of tailoring required no belt- big win in my book.  So when I ordered a pair of white jeans I followed the white jean rule and ordered my size and a size up. They came and I rushed to try them on. I was so excited I had already planned so many outfits to wear them with! Insert major sad face 🙁  My expectations were not met. These are not bright white, almost cream and big, like so so big. So I returned them and continued on my hunt. Side note – I never order Hudson for full price, retailmenot.com almost always has coupons for them. Check there before you make the commitment, bc let’s be honest anything over $100 in my closet is a serious investment!

At this point in the summer I had given up on looking for my perfect white jean. I had told myself maybe next year, i had even considered adding a calendar event in early march to start the hunt, but my luck was soon to change

On the 4th of July weekend we went over to a friend BBQ and I saw them: the best fitting pair perfect colored white jeans. I was in love lust!  I instantly wanted to rush up to this girl (whom I didn’t know) and start gushing over her jeans and asking her where and when she got them. I resisted that urge and calmly walked over and made casual conversation, played it cool until I was sure she would not be offended by my inquires regarding her outfit and finally got the details on her perfect jeans! Seems the retail world was playing a bit of a trick on me. They were from J.Crew! Of all of the places I had looked I had neglected the one place that had provided me with my first/only/best pair of white jeans.

                  Naturally the minute we got home I ordered 2 pairs (regular size and size up).                               They fit P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y. To be honest I could have stuck with my normal size (27) but didn’t want them to be too tight so I went with the  larger pair (28). I have athletic thighs and not much to say for a butt so I had to have them taken in, which is normal for most of my jeans. But these fit sooo well! They are tight enough to look polished but not to the point where every line is showing. Material is soo soft! The perfect skinny white jean has been found!

J.Crew White Toothpick 

jcrew toothpick white

Find them: Here

And so the white jean battle was over,  and thankfully no lives were lost 😉 I hope this helps you find your perfect pair of white denim! Happy Shopping ~



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