Lemon – Garlic Dressing

Happy Sunday!

Sometimes  by the time Sunday rolls around my body could use a bit of a detox 😉 So on Sundays we try to eat light  before we head to family dinner, my sister never fails to send me home stuffed with delicious food!

Part of eating light for us always includes salads. While I love salads finding the right dressing that is both flavorful and healthy can be a struggle.  While it is easy to reach for the Ranch, we all know that Ranch packs not only flavor but calories, added sugar, and fat. Unfortunately none of these are very healthy.  Then there is balsamic dressing, again packs tons of flavor, and while it does contain less fat and calories there is still the dreaded added sugar. Enter in the holy grail – homemade dressing!

Homemade dressings allow you to be in complete control of all ingredients.  I personally know though that many dressing recipes can be very intimidating! A ¼ of tsp of this a pinch of that, but not too much or it’ll be ruined, ugh just thinking about it I really don’t like to measure things (as most of my family can attest). While my apathy for measurement doesn’t always work out for the best Matt has developed a recipe that even I can’t screw up!


2 parts lemon juice

1 part olive oil

Garlic salt to taste


Shake together and taste, taste, taste again until the optimal flavor has been achieved, then enjoy!


With the lemon and garlic combination this dressing is extremely versatile. I’ve put this not only on salads but on chicken, salmon, pasta, literally you name it and I’ve tried it! It’s the perfect balance of light and refreshing while bursting with great flavor! Because you are making it you also get to tweak it to your personal preference.  So say you want it to have more of a citrus punch you can add more lemon juice.  Comes out too strong? Just add a little water! In my opinion the best part of it all is that it is Julie proof, I’m talking you cannot mess this up and takes no time at all!


Once you get comfortable with the above mentioned concoction your taste buds may get a bit curious and start to imagine ways to improve the flavor. Might I suggest……

Add a few dashes of hot sauce to your next batch. It could be Louisiana hot sauce, reds hot sauce, really any hot sauce will do!  I encourage you to try your own twist on this simple yet fantastic dressing; I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

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