Mascara Review

Whats the one item of make up you feel naked without?
For me it is Mascara! Here are a few of my favorites:

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Masacra Review

                               1| Tarte: Lights Camera, Flashes      2|Tarte: Lights, Camera, Lashes                                                       3|Too Faced: Better Than Sex         4| Marcelle Xtension Plus Curl

1. Tarte: Lights, Camera, Flashes

I used this mascara for over a year now (not the same tube of course 😉 ) The positives here are that this mascara provides you with great volume, does not clump, and is easily layered. The two drawbacks for me include that by around 3pm it starts to dry out my eyes, I rub then and it flakes off. The other is that the bristles on the brush are very stiff and application is a bit painful. I consulted a beauty expert at Sephora and she explained to me that in order to achieve the high volume and no clumping the bristles are actually hard plastic.

2.    Tart: Lights, Camera, Lashes

We discussed a bit and I told her I really like the “pureness” of the brand Tarte, which is known for using natural products.  While I’m no scientist I can definitely feel a difference when I wear this brand. My eyes are never irritated, which happens with other not so pure brands. With these stipulations the consultant  recommended Tartes Lights, camera, lashes.  Essentially the twin of lights, camera, flashes just with a different brush. This brush is soft and causes no pain on application. The only minor drawback is it can get clumpy if you aren’t careful. This mascara is my all around winner, I wear it everyday!

3. Too Faced – Better Than Sex

This next mascara was introduced to me by an old roommate while we were getting ready for a wedding together. While nothing will ever beat the days of living across the hallway from your closets friends I  still love going over to each others places and prepping together !  I feel like this time together is so special because its complete girl time no interruptions, no boys, just girl talk and makeup of course!  Even though we might just be talking about a funny named mascara it’s still just us and we are instantly morphed into two giggly girls and that’s the best therapy I can imagine.

BACK to the mascara lol! Yes-  this mascara has a funny name but does it work? HOLY COW yes it does!  After trying my friends I had to go buy it for myself.  I did learn however I can’t just wear it bare on my eyes. It says that it is vegan friendly, but definitely feels different than my Tarte.  I put my Tarte  on first and then layer this on top, when I do the results are ahhhmazing! While not an everyday mascara for me, if you don’t have sensitive eyes this is the one for you! It gives you so much volume and length. Careful with the clumping tho, sometimes you have to wipe off excess into the tube.

4.   Marcelle Xtension Plus Curl Mascara

Lastly I was introduced to this Marcelle mascara in my birchbox. I have two Marcelle eye liners that I like, however I don’t really use eye liner that much but thought I would give their mascara a try. These do something the others do not do, which is definitely needed on my eyelashes; curl my lashes! Truth be told I  don’t use an eye lash curler. I know I might be the only girl on earth that doesn’t use a lash curler.  Guys am I missing out???? This mascara also provides  volume, length, minimal irritation,  and long lasting wear. However it does seem to take a bit more time to remove compared to my other mascaras.

There ya have it! I’ve been doing some reading on natural ways to make my eyelashes grow. Here are a few serums that I am just dying to try! Have you all  ever tried any of them? What did you think?!


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