Decorating a Small Apartment

Recently, we moved from a 4 bedroom house into a 1 bedroom apartment. Why you ask? No of course we aren’t crazy, okay maybe a little 😉 We moved from a more “adult” part of town to a younger-hipper part of town. Due to the popularity of this area houses pop on the market and are snatched up within hours. I’m talking it goes on at 9 am and by noon an offer has been accepted. In order to accommodate this fast turnover we decided to rent for a while whilst we look.

Living in a small space does not mean you have to compromise on feeling at home. I have found that minimal yet inviting accents can really make a small space feel inviting! Your home is your sanctuary and the last thing you want to come home is stress aka clutter. In order to keep the stress away the number one thing you want to avoid in a small space is clutter. When there are only a few rooms to dwell in each room needs to be put together and organized.

One thing that Matt is EXTREMELY particular about, rather I should say one of the many things 🙂 is original art. We saw no purpose in finding original artwork for a temporary space so we ended up re-using these two framed photos that Matt took in colorado. Using your own photos not only gives the space more character but is also a great conversation starter when people ask where they are from! (PS-Framing is ESSENTIAL it changes the  integrity of the print and gives it a professional look). Matt used for these photos he took on his iphone.

hall way 1.jpg

Another challenge in this apartment was keeping the space warm and friendly but not too overly feminine or masculine. To achieve this we incorporated some rustic tables with a few soft details. side table 1.jpg

These flowers are amazing! I saw them in an interior design magazine listed for nearly $100, which was obviously not worth it! Kept my eye out for a dupe and found them at T.J. Maxx for only $40!


A tip I learned the hard way is do your online research before you go to the store. Once you have an idea of what your looking for walking into a store is far less overwhelming and you end up getting what you want, not just what looked good in the display. Pick a theme and stick to it for the big items, then feel free to change it up with the accent pieces.  Research before helps not only for design but for price as well. Many times Matt would find an item we both loved but didn’t like the price. We would then shop around for items that were similar and along the same style but didn’t break the bank.

living room 1

Candles can make an apartment feel  like a home and smell like one too! I am super sensitive to smells and we hunted around for a scent we both liked but wasn’t overwhelming. These fit the bill perfectly! (not overly expensive either!)

candle 1

And last, but certainly not least, our fur baby. With his approval we have settled into the apartment and Denver has adjusted quite nicely! That is except when I wake him up to pose for the camera 😉

denver 1

Flowers  |  Horse Pillows   | Horse Statue  | Coffee Table  |  Lamps  |   Frames  |  Candle   |  Coasters  |  Tray | Sofa Table


What are some of your favorite ways to decorate?!