Cashmere, a do or a don’t?


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Have you ever owned anything Cashmere? I haven’t until my recent purchase through the Nordstrom’s sale. I saw it and decided if not now when I would ever get cashmere for this price again! So I took a chance.

When it came I was expecting the softest most luxurious cardigan ever!  What I got was a soft very lightweight cardigan. At first I couldn’t love anything in my closet more. Now I’m over here wondering….was this a mistake? Why is it so light weight? Should it be softer? Why did it wrinkle when it’s only been folded for a week? How long will this cardigan last? How do I clean it? How do I even store it?!

Naturally I did a little research and thought I would share some of the answers I found 🙂

Well right off the bat my instincts were wrong. Cashmere is supposed to be thinner material, but it will provide more warmth (okay I like this part, no one likes the winter bulk!).  Cashmere gets softer over time, however if the material irritates your skin to start it will continue to do so (its soft enough so only can get better from here).

High quality cashmere should neither wrinkle nor pill even when folded. Hmmm well I guess this isn’t’ the crème de la crème of cashmere considering it does wrinkle a bit when folded, but nothing I can’t handle. Another site recommended doing the “hand test” to test for quality – placing your hand underneath the material to see if you can see your hand through the material (tried this I can’t so I’m thinking this is mid-quality cashmere?). Also check your tags, if its not 100% cashmere it will wear much differently than completely pure cashmere pieces.

Okay so say I’m keeping this cardi how am I supposed to clean it? Almost all sites instruct you to hand wash your cashmere with gentle detergent or dry clean. Hand washing requires not only a 20 minute soak session but also a delicate process including pressing out all water and then lying flat to dry (and it can take up to days to dry!). Additionally dry cleaning is an option. However under no circumstances shall cashmere be placed a dryer- major shrinkage will occur.

As far as storing goes the main theme through my research was to fold – never hang cashmere. Another pro’s tip I found that was before storing for summer to clean your cashmere as dirty cashmere attracts filth and mold and decreases the life expectancy of cashmere.

Speaking of life expectancy- it’s extremely similar to caring for one’s hair (cashmere is actually goat hair). Pretty much the nicer you treat your goat haired frock the longer it will last. Any pilling that does occur with your cashmere should be removed to keep your cashmere in top condition (this can be done with lint roller, razor blade, or a gleener). Just like your own hair-don’t wash after every wear, any time after 3 wears is allowed by the cashmere professionals, anything more than that you can experience fraying of the material.

Overall if you properly care for your cashmere then it should last you a lifetime (I’m wondering if they factor modern day medicine-people are living well into their 90s-into this “lifetime?!) To be honest as I’m typing this, I’m wearing my cardigan, its super soft, it’s the beginning of august, and I’m not sweating.

                                You win cashmere you win!!! Welcome to your forever home 😉

My exact cardigan is sold out for now but here are a few alternative options:

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