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Hey guys!

Hope you are having a wonderful lazy Sunday! On Sundays I want to look good just like everyday, but I definitely don’t want to put the effort in!  Enter athleisure wear. I love how you can look put together but completely comfortable at the same time. Seeing as it is the last day for the Nordstroms sale I thought I might share a few of my favorite athleisure  pieces!


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Yummie Tummie Leggings

So great! Smooth out every imperfection and they have a high waist so you don’t have to worry about them sagging down as many leggings do. The best thing is that they aren’t constricting  , they don’t give you that I can’t take a deep breath feeling.

2 Cole Haan Sneakers 

These are amazing because they are sneakers but still look sleek! I have a similar Nike pair and I I love them! You can wear them from yoga-to the grocery store- to the airport and still look cute!

3 Zella Hoodie

I love everything Zella! Great quality at a great price. The best thing about this one is  that it has a hood but still has the height on the collar making it less like a sweatshirt aka not so sloppy 😉


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