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When attending a bridal or baby shower I used to always evaluate the honoree’s style while picking out my outfit. Does she dress up, does she dress down? I would constantly try and match her style wanting to fit in and please everyone.  It wasn’t until I reached phase 3 in my life (see below) that I started to pick out outfits, like the linen two piece  I have on, that made me feel INCREDIBLE.  Now I only follow a few simple rules when picking out an outfit; check the weather, check the venue, and then go for it! Showers can be a perfect excuse for that new dress that you have been eyeing but don’t know where you’ll wear it. These are your friends and will accept you in any shape, form, or outfit you come in! Besides, who knows when that cute guy is going to ask you out and you’ll need a dress 😉

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On to the aforementioned phases:

Okay ladies, I believe there are 3 phases you will go through in life when attending showers for brides and babies. Phase 1:  I’ll  call this one the honeymoon – phase. These are the first few bridal and baby showers you attend. Since ignorance is bliss you are over the moon excited about going to these showers for soon to be married women and soon to be born babies. You go and you L-O-V-E playing games involving candy bars in diapers, cherish every present opened, and you might even volunteer to write every sappy detail of the gift down for the honoree. You love the comradery among the women and always leave with an overzealous smile on your face envisioning what your shower will be like.  This phase occurred for me during my college years.

Phase 2: The Reality hits– Check please – phase. The “newness” of bride and baby showers has worn off.  When I say worn off this is a tremendous UNDERSTATEMENT. Walking into these is like walking into a horrible date where the waiter cannot bring the check fast enough. While you are no less happy for your friends going through these milestones in their life you are also a little, maybe a lot at times, annoyed of going out and celebrating them.  These showers have become an in person reminder of life goals that you have not yet achieved. Going to these showers is like a full emotional roller coaster.  You are truly excited to see your friends and truly excited for the bride or mother to be, but the reminder that it’s not your turn sucker punches you when you least expect it. Getting ready for these is like getting ready for a major presentation at work that you are in no way ready for and will surely fail at. I recently graduated from this phase. If your reading this and you are in this phase, please feel no shame about these so called “horrible” emotions you are feeling at these showers, we ALL go through them.  I am also certain that a person in this phase had the BRILLIANT idea to have alcohol at these events.

Phase 3:  Sweet Serendipity –phase. This is the phase when everything comes to sweet fruition. Now I’m not saying that to be in this phase you have to be engaged or pregnant,  far from it! I’m saying this is the stage when you come to a certain realization.  A realization that you don’t need a shower for people to celebrate you. You don’t need the justification from others to signify your worth. Not to say you are better than anyone and don’t enjoy being around people ( okay maybe sometimes 😉 ), it’s just that you have realized that you have yourself and that you are enough, MORE than ENOUGH. This is the phase when you look at those defined life goals, and while you may seek them, you have learned they do NOT define you. It is in this phase where I believe you have the MOST fun at showers.

Regardless of your current phase the most important thing I have learned when dressing for these showers, is to dress is an outfit that makes in you feel INCREDIBLE.

Lastly I want to apologize to all those fortunate women out there who never had to struggle in finding her way in life or in love. I am friends with some women just like you! You are truly lucky!

Here are a few outfits I think I would try if I had a shower to go to tomorrow!

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White Bardot Two Piece Dress  | Pink  Love, Fire Shift Dress | Blue Express Dress 




The lovely number I am wearing above was found abandoned in a corner last year, at a VERY fancy store known as Forever 21 🙂

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