Miami Packing List

We are headed to Miami for Matt’s 30th!!!

While I may complain about putting clothes into my suitcase I actually LOVE packing!!! I love the thought of trying out new styles and having only complete strangers  around to judge you. You can really go into any character you want on vacation and no one has to know that you would never be caught dead in that outfit at home 😉 Before I start packing I always take to Instagram to see what the styles are at the location we are headed to and sometimes I even check out restaurants we are going to really scope out the dress code.

 I am really excited to see all the fun and exotic style Miami has to offer!  For labor day I knew I had the one definite would be white. While labor day is definitely not the last call for white in my book I definitely think that wearing white on labor day is a must!  From a white dress, to white swim suit, to white cover-up, I think I have the theme covered 😉 Here are some white pieces that I love.

White Dresses

white dress

1 ASTR Dress | 2 Express White Dress | 3 Leith Sheath Dress

White Swim Suits

white swim suit

1 American Eagle Swimsuit | 2 Tavik Swim | 3 PacSun Swim

White Cover-ups

white cover ups

1 JC Penney Cover-up  |2 Orvis Cover-up | 3 Bellas Cover-up

Last but not least – comfortable heels to go with all the white!  These heels are seriously the BEST pair I own! I can literally wear them all night dancing and even make it back to my car with no complaints. Its almost like a miracle! Okay not really a miracle but they are only $60 and compared to many other pairs out there that is a steal!

bp heels

I can’t wait to explore Miami beach and definitely plan on reporting back to you guys! Please cross your fingers we don’t get Zika and the hurricane does not visit while we are there !

What are your Labor Day Weekend Plans?!



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