Bean Boots – Why NOW is the Time to Buy

I cannot – cannot believe it is already September! September is a month of love and dread for me. I love how warm it still is but hate that summer is nearing an end :(. If you know me you know that I hate, hate, I repeat HATE being cold. Due to my anemia and poor circulation I am cold throughout most seasons. However when the temperature drops staying warm becomes even more of a struggle. But that struggle ended the day I purchased these boots!


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You know how they say the human body is most comfortable at 72 degrees? Not so much over here I think it’s more like 83 and above for me! The one part of my body I struggle the most with keeping warm are my feet. Most of your body you can cover up with coats etc., but for your feet there are only so many pairs of socks you can put on before the shoe just doesn’t fit. In order to combat this I invested in a pair of bean boots last year. BEST. DECISION. EVER.  I can finally venture outside without freezing!

Yes I know it’s still warm outside but the minute that the east coast gets their first dose of fall weather these boots will be backordered in the blink of an eye. This is because they are handstitched in Maine.  You may see cheaper versions of these shoes by boutiques and other companies such as Sperry.  Let me tell you though, the quality is literally unmatched. I got these and a pair of the Sperry’s and tested them out, with the Sperry’s my toes were cold in minutes, with the bean boots they were so warm! I can confidently say I will have these boots for a very long time and I have definitely worn them through every type of weather!

There are multiple styles of these that go from normal to heavy duty insulation. I got the ones with the shearing in them because bc here in KC the temps can dip below freezing in the winter. I also got the sheering insoles (best $25 upgrade of my entire life).  I wear a consistent women’s size 10 and found these to run true to size.  I cannot say how much I love these boots. I started wearing them last year as soon as they came in. My coworkers teased me every time, asking: where’s the snowstorm Julie?! If they weren’t as cozy as they are I might take offense, but they didn’t know my feet were in secret feet heaven so I just laughed them off (jokes on them! ;)).  While the actual boot is a little heavy  (you really don’t notice the weight) they are by far the most comfortable shoes ever- Seriously like walking on clouds!

sheraing 1


My exact pair – 8″ shearing lined – Great for snow and freezing rain!



regular thinsulate

Regular Thinsulate – Best for light snow and  rainy days

no lining

Regular No insulation – Best for rainy days. Please note these have NO lining and are not recommended for freezing temps.





thinsulate + gortext.png


Thinsulate +Goretext Boots  – Great for extremely wet weather, insulation and serious protection from the elements




10 inch shearing

10 ”  Shearing lined – Made for freezing to below freezing temps. Just like the pair I own but 2″ taller

Read the sizing information on the website closely. Depending on your sock thickness sizing can vary. For reference I typically wear a size 10, and with the shearing insoles and mildly thick socks a 10 fit my feet perfectly.

So don’t get stuck waiting on that back order! Your feet will be happy and YOU will be happy when you no longer fear going outside in the frigid temps! Hope you enjoy the last few days of warm!



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