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Holy Moses! Why are flat COMFORTABLE shoes so hard to find??? Am I missing something? I thought the entire point of flat shoes was to be comfortable?  Recently I have tried more than my share of shoes in attempt to find some comfortable ones. Although there was more bad than good  I did find gem at the end!

Here is a little breakdown of the shoes I hope it helps you!  DISCLAIMER I have sensitive feet –  sensitive sweaty feet (isn’t that a lovely thought 😉 ) that being said, if a shoe meets my comfort standards, no doubt they will meet yours.


M.Gemi –  “Stellatos”

I wanted to love these so much. They are a new Italian company that strives to provide handcrafted shoes at approachable prices (by cutting out the middle man). To save you from reading all my troubles let me just say these ended up being okay- they just ran small (always a 10, ordered the UK equivalent of a 10, wanted to go up ½ size, but they only offer full sizes after my size in this style D-U-M-B). They were stiff, because they are real leather, and needed to be broken in. Had I been able to order the ½ size larger and willing to break them in I would have. But obviously that didn’t happen. These were WONDERFULLY made and the quality is top notch. Their customer service is also impeccable; they also arrived in about the coolest box ever. I wanted to keep, just couldn’t  due to my impatience and strong beliefs in not paying for something that will cause you initial pain.

Pros- amazing quality, perfect color, perfect style

Cons- tight, stiff, too small, NO PADDING IN SOLE


Next up- Steve Madden “Feather”

I was recommended these by another blogger (the teacher diva) with the claims that these were so comfortable and walked all around Italy in them. I was like Holy Grail perfect!!! I ordered the pink and the black in my normal size 10. Well well I have come to discover that Steve Madden really stands for runs small. AGAIN I always wear a size 10 and these were just a little too small, needed a size 10.5. OFCORSE they don’t make anything about a 10. (What’s with the big foot discrimination?!) These were far below the quality of the M.Gemi but hey you get what you pay for. If you are looking a shoe that will last you years and you can wear over and over AND your foot isn’t a 10, go for the M.Gemi. If you are smaller than a 10 and looking for an inexpensive pair of flats that will only last you one season go for the Steve Maddens.


UGG Australia Leopard flat

Oh man here we go again, I WANTED to love these!!! With my cold feet I was MORE THAN excited of the possibility of having fur on the insoles of my feet. I imagined wearing Ugg slippers disguised as flats all around my office sporting a big smile on my face! UGH they came, they were cute, they were SO UNCOMFORTABLE! What is the DEAL?! The sole was fine, but the rest of the shoe was so stiff on the inside I would have had to wear socks with them for a while, if not forever, to prevent them from tearing up my feet.  I’ve heard of this whole “breaking in” theory, but if I’m paying over $100 for something can’t it just be comfortable to begin with?! If you have small insensitive feet you’ll probably love these and you can quit reading now because you live a blessed life and the next section is probably a waste of your time. If you still have feeling in your feet I beg you to go on to the next paragraph.


Talbots – Driving Flat

Alright so my mom is in her 60s and I’ve always correlated Talbots to that old lady store, you know where the prissy polished looking old ladies women fashionistas go to shop (Hi Mom sorry for when you read this please don’t take offense). I have been in there on the rare occasion just due to the fact that my mother and aunt have gone in there and I’m not one to deny a shopping trip. I saw an ad pop up for comfortable flats from them from my google search, so I through ehhh why not? Got to looking around their website, most of their flats were on sale and under $100, okay so far so good. Then I read the details of the flat. MEMORY FOAM INSOLE. AND ANNNND  they had size 10, 10.5, 11.  It’s worth a shot I thought and ordered 6 pairs (2 sizes of each bc I’m crazy) and waited…………… And then the boxes came!!! Fingers crossed I opened the box…..suspenseful…. Sure that this was going to be it. ……The endeavor was going to be over……



Disappointment 🙁

These are okay, they aren’t terrible. Tight toe box, good cushioning on the soles, but bend strangely when walking and my heels pop right out- and no arch support. Also the all man made materials had my tootsies sweating in no time!  Sadly I returned all of the beautifully colored shoes to the stores, I did get to cancel my leopard print ones as they had been backordered sooo a bit of a silver lining there?

You guys still there??? Hang on! The finale is coming- its SO worth it I promise!


Antonio Melani Yelma Slip – On Flats

So after being annoyed with ordering online and returning shoes I decide to go into the store and try this whole buying in person concept (CRAZY I KNOW RIGHT?!) First stop Dillard’s.  I grabbed these Antonio Melani flats and the Kate Spade flats as they were both comparable in style and price.  By comparable I mean the Antonio Melani ones were $100 cheaper than the Kate Spade’s so of course I wanted to like those better.  The sales lady was super nice and informed me I  would love the Kate Spades (right uh huh you work on commission, of course I’ll love the more expensive ones more!) so I tried on the Antonio Melani’s first as I have a few pairs of shoes of this brand and love them all. They were okay- but pretty stiff and just walking around the sales floor I could tell we were going to have issues. So I slipped those off and reluctantly tried on the Kate Spade ones.

So l have read like hundreds of reviews on shoes and never came across a bad one for Kate Spade- which left me skeptical to say the least. I also was hoping for once NOT to like them because they are expensive. And then – I put them on.



Kate Spade Cathie Flat

You guys seriously, the difference in craftsmanship and quality is evident just holding them in your hands –no to mention so light weight! Put them on and you will be sold. These babies moved with me and felt like I feel a shoe should feel, comfortable! Not only did they feel good on my feet, they look good! Significantly better than most flats! They are so feminine! I’m so sold the $210 price tag didn’t even phase me. I can tell I will have these for a long time (of course after I spray them with suede protectant). I might be spending $210 now but thinking about how much better I’ll feel wearing them and how much use I’ll actually get AND how many blisters are not in my future, its worth it!  So there ya have it. I found a flat AND comfortable shoe, the Holy Grail!!! Lol So from here on out I think when I want need another pair of flats good old Kate will be my go to. Fingers crossed she comes out with a great tan/beige color!

So did I miss anything?? Is there a secret outrageously comfortable flat shoe out there that’s hiding from me??? Please let me know! As always thank you so much for reading!


All opinions are of my own and this post is in no way shape or form sponsored, just ask my wallet 😉




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  1. Found you from the link up. Great roundup of flats. I’m on the hunt for a pair of animal print ones and some plain black ones. Just trying to find the right fit and style.

  2. Wow – what a gorgeous selection of flats! I cannot even come close to choosing a favorite.

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