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Let’s talk about brows shall we?

This past weekend I had an amazing opportunity to learn more about make up at the Macys beauty event!  I absolutely love that Macy’s beauty department is so vast! They literally have so many high quality brands I couldn’t even name them all if I tried. Another great thing about Macy’s is how knowledgeable all of their beauty associates are about makeup application techniques! For me this is so important because I feel like I could have the best pieces of makeup at my disposal but if I have no idea how to use them they are pretty much worthless! Top that all off with having clothes, shoes, bedding, kitchenware, AND handbags (saved the best for last) Macy’s is your one stop shop!

 If you are in the Kansas City area I highly recommend checking out Town Center Plaza, they have: Macys, Restoration Hardware (flagship store- CHECK IT OUT), Express, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Gab, Barnes & Nobles, Loft, Crate & Barrel, not to mention several boutiques! I like the fact that it’s an outdoor shopping area because you don’t get the overwhelming claustrophobia like you can in malls; nothing beats fresh area in-between shopping! They also have some great restaurants around the area so it’s easy to make a day of it!

-Back to the Brows –

 I can honestly say before I went to Macy’s this past weekend my knowledge about brows could boil down to the following; don’t over pluck, sisters not twins, and you never want to go too dark, beyond that I was clueless about brows!  With my limited knowledge I had a lot to learn. Ashley from  Clinique was so nice to show me just what I needed to know!

First off

 Dark hair/brows- go with a shade lighter than the color of the brow (whether it be pencil or powder)

Light hair/brows- it gets tricky here, if you have naturally light hair and eyebrows go with a shade darker than those, if you are say a natural blonde in a perpetual state of pretending to be blonde like me (highlights) then opt for a taupe color. You 100% do not want to be that blonde girl with the black eyebrows AVOID AVOID AVOID!

For my brows  we used the soft brown shade of the Clinique Superfine Liner for Brows 


Your brows should start at the edge of your nose line


The middle arch of your brow should be right over the center of your eye


The brow should end in line with your cheek bones


Start by filling in your eye brows using a brow pencil. After filling in with the pencil go  over with a brush. Again fill in any areas that you missed, shape your brow, and then go in again with your brush for the feathered look.


Finally go in with some concealer and clean up your brow line. I had never done this and couldn’t believe how much of a difference it made!img_1645


Here is one of Clinques many online technique videos!

Another tip Ashley had was to mix a bit of Clinique All About Eyes cream with a bit of concealer and dab underneath my under eye. I have always had small fine lines under and to the side of my eye and this was all due to lack of moisturizer! Who knew?! By mixing the concealer with the eye cream this gives your eyes a youthful pop- um HELLO who doesn’t want that!?

So if you are on the hunt for a new brow routine or just looking to polish up your existing one I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Clinique counter at your local Macy’s ! They will be more than helpful  in guiding you to the right product for your brow. If you are in Kansas City head on over to the Macys at Town Center Plaza in Leawood and ask for  Ashley at the Clinique counter ! She’s amazing and made my brows look fabulous!

 Fun fact: I had  gum surgery this past Thursday hence the right side of my face looking a bit like a chipmunk 🙂  (I was still pretty puffy/sore when these were taken!) Thank goodness y’all only  had to pay attention to my eyebrows 😉

Shout out to Sierra of 5×7 lifestyle for taking these awesome pics for me! If you are looking for some serious style inspo I highly recommend checking out her blog!

Thank you so much for reading!



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