Organizing Your Closet For Fall

With the temps dropping and popping back up again it can get very frustrating knowing what to wear and what to store! When you first think of light pink and other pastels your first thought probably isn’t fall! But don’t go packing away all your best pastels just yet they can make for excellent layering pieces!



Jeans | Similar Blouse | Shoes (expensive but so comfy!) | Similar Purse (on sale!)

Here is a list of items to store now:

Anything Linen – its amazing material but just too cool for this time of year and traditionally comes in very light colors

White Eyelet dresses, skirts, and shirts – nothing screams summer like bright white eyelet details

Overly bright prints – really anything that reminds you of a tropical destination should go away when the leaves are falling

Sandals – yes the time has come, unless you live in a hot state (California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, or any hot state I forgot to name)

Breezy pieces- if you can’t throw a jacket over it, it’s going to storage.

Summer pieces that CAN make the transition:

Denim dresses- easy to pair with boots/scarves/cardigans

Jean shorts – cute with booties & sweaters

Pastel pieces – light pinks go great with rich fall browns, likewise light blues perfectly with greys!

100% keep anything that is yellow out- yellow, deep purple, turquoise, and brown go so beautifully together

I recently did an overhaul of my closet and removed anything I could only wear in 80 degree + temps. I also removed anything that I wouldn’t wear if I had to go outside right at this moment. This eliminates so many items that you think you need but really just sit in your closet.  While some maxi dresses can make the transition to fall with booties and a jacket, some brightly colored ones just need to be laid to rest (temporarily of course!)

This is also a great time to go through your fall/winter attire and get rid of anything you didn’t wear last year.  I try to follow this closely!  The more you get rid of the more room you have for new! Another great reason to get rid of clothes you don’t wear is that you can donate them! I love donating clothes , not only does it get me more valuable real estate in my closet, a tax deduction (just ask for one at your donation center) , it also helps so so so many people that are in need! After every time I go and donate I always come home to my big closet of clothes and feel very thankful!

 If your in the KC area here are some great local places to donate:

Not quite ready to have an item gone forever? Have your friends over and have a swapping party! Then anything that isn’t traded between the group can be donated. As a younger sibling and professional dumpster diver of my sister’s closet, I know that more than likely one of your friends has worn something that you had your eye on! They’ll probably never wear it again likewise with one of your items so why not just trade! This also saves you money!

Another option if you don’t want to donate is to sell your items. Here are some options for that, I use postmark and it’s seriously SO easy!!! 

Thanks so much for reading! Good luck with your closet clean out!


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  1. I’m going to need you to come organize my closet for fall please! 😉 Great post…plans to do that this weekend!

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