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I love weddings! They are so fun and joyful ! It’s always the best time to hang out with friends, see family members you haven’t seen in ages,
and DUH get dressed up! So when my cousin Emilie got engaged I was over the moon excited! When I found out it was in California I was even more excited! When I found out it was in November and outside I was……..scared confused.

My cousin Emilie is the closest to me in age of all my cousins and we have always had a special bond.  I could always count on Emilie to meet me early in the morning at the end of our summer visit, out by the pool, in our matching Eeyore pjs, where we would secretly plan ways for me to move to Phoenix. Sadly those days are over but we are now in the all so special “adult” phase of our lives where I can book my ticket out to see her anytime!

Being able to buy our own plan tickets is just one small piece of how we have grown up. Emilie has also grown into a woman that I, as a woman of like mindset and age, have grown to admire. Emilie is that girl that doesn’t care what the world thinks is cool at that moment or pay any attention to polarizing social cues. Emilie likes what she likes and talks to whomever she wishes. I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone that wasn’t impressed with Emilie. She literally does not have an enemy to name!

 I’m so excited for her and Mike! Mike is the male version of Emilie, I know it sounds weird but they literally are perfect for each other!  Not to mention Mike has the patience of a saint (I mean this guy has driven all of us girl cousins through the mountains and endured an hour long Disney sing along, and he still wants to be in our family!)

Back to what to wear 😉

 I was very confused about what I could/should/would wear to this outdoor California fall wedding.  I did the practical thing and took to the internet to do a little research! Here is what I discovered.

 First of all it is important to note where and when you wedding will be occurring. Inside? Outside? Afternoon? Evening? Brunch? When in doubt jumpsuit it out – these things can go anywhere in my opinon!

Emilie’s wedding is happening in the late afternoon and it is outside! Per the invite it is a  no frills event so I narrowed it down to either an easy going long maxi or a black jumpsuit each paired with a leather jacket.

Always remember to follow the invitation!  If the invitation notes anything regarding the dress code make sure you closely follow what it says.Black tie = black tie, cocktail = cocktail. No indication? it’s ALWAYS better to be over rather than under dressed. Velvet, pleats, and lace are all currently #ontrend right now and any piece with these details will easily be a show stopper!

Lastly – DO NOT WEAR WHITE !!! Do I even have to say this? Unless you go to an ultra-modern wedding where the invitation designates that you can wear white, don’t’ do it! Someday you’ll be that bride up there! Not to say how embarrassing it would be to have an old cute grandma scolding you in front of everyone for not following etiquette! 😉

Happy Fall Wedding Season !

I hope this helps you if you have a wedding this fall! Thank you for reading!



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    1. Hey Rosie!
      Right ?! I feel like wedding season never truly stops! I just looked at my calendar for the next year and we have 6 upcoming weddings! (not even including our own!)

    1. Hey Ada-

      Weddings are so fun! Jumpsuits make it so much easier to get “down” on the dance floor without having to worry about your dress!

      Thank you! I will have to stop by your link up and check it out!

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