Work Wear Wendesday

Oh Fall you are so pretty yet SO HARD to dress for. If you live in the Midwest you ESPECIALLY know what I’m talking about. We can walk out the door at 7am and its 40 degrees, by the time 5pm rolls around its 75 and sunny!




While I’m fortunate to work in an environment where 99% of the time I don’t have to dress up I know not everyone is so lucky! When I do get to dress up, finding something that keeps me warm and comfortable can be a challenge. Scarves and trench coats are so easy to layer with!

When I envision the perfect trench coat my mind instantly goes to Burberry.  Burberry trenches are seriously perfect from the color, to detailing, down to the lining they are amazing! But if you are like me then there is a good chance they are also seriously out of your price range 🙁 (really who can just blow $1500 on a jacket?! WHO!?)  So last year I went on a major hunt to find a good on and finally did at J. Crew factory! They even ended up sending me an extra one that I gifted to my sister (if you’re reading this – YOU OWE ME!  jk thanks for the weekly free meals 😉 )

Here is my exact jacket (fits TTS I’m wearing a 6 to allow for a sweater underneath) | Amazing Burberry dupe Scarf | Paper bag waisted skirt – from one of my favorite local boutiques ( longer version of mine | Forever 21 Blouse (old, but dupe here)

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you have a wonderful day!


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