A Week in Review


Hey guys! Happy Friday!

So last week was BY FAR one of the most exciting weeks of my life! So many things happened the only way I think I can keep up with it all is to give you a day by day!

Monday– Night one of fashion week for me.

Ulah men’s clothing preview. This store is so cool! It is located in the new Woodside residential/shopping area. This boutique men’s clothing store offers a great variety of brands! I also loved the price point (seem to range from 50-300) While the higher end of that seems pricey most of the items were more towards the middle range.

The store has an amazingly urban vibe to it (which I think ALL men love!) I feel as though guys go for quality and style over quantity so I cannot wait to take Matt to their grand opening this Thursday! Matt only shops at Halls and Baldwin (rough life for him right?!) so I’m overly excited to expose him to a more affordable clothing store!!!


Heather (Minted in the Midwest) & I at the Ulah premier opening

Extra fun fact – Blue Sushi is right next to Ulah so after your guy is over shopping and you need a drink to reward yourself for being his personal stylist you can head on over there for a drink and Sushi! We went over opening weekend and were pleasantly surprised. Good sushi and a fun environment! The first half of the restaurant is an intimate bar area while the back side is a little brighter and has an entire wall of windows exposed to the street below! Makes you feel like you are in a big city –so fun!

Tuesday– I laid low and planned outfits for fashion week & HH with my friends!

Wednesday – I had to take my nieces from school to church for my sister. I rarely get to do this anymore because we live so far away from them now (25 mins I know I shouldn’t complain) but it was a little unfortunate because Matt had told me we were going to dinner this night. I was excited because it was also our 3-year anniversary and I had a hunch we were going back to the same restaurant! I almost told my sister I couldn’t but felt silly because it was just dinner and we can always push things back and it won’t be long before my nieces no longer need Aunt Julie the chauffeur.

So I dropped off the girls and looked and at the clock and it was already 6pm!  I was in southern Johnson county, with traffic I knew it would take me at least 30 minutes to get home and our reservation was for 645. So I called Matt and he said no problem he already changed it to 730 pm (he’s literally the most laid back person I know, I love this about him!).  I was glad he was being his usual cool self about it but also freaking out because I was getting hungry…HANGRY and worried I might not be the most please dinner guest. But Matt insisted we needed the time because the contractor was at the house and wanted to go over basement plans. I was a little skeptical because it was so late but I know our house is on a tight schedule so I didn’t question it.

To be totally honest Matt and I have talked about getting engaged for quite some time now. – to the point where I’m always thinking it’s about to happen -only to be let down and wondering when it was actually going to happen! When we were in Miami for Matt’s birthday I was SURE it was happening and packed everything white I could…welllll that didn’t happen lol. Needless to say I had gotten my hopes up that at dinner Matt might propose but also banished those thoughts because every time I had those thoughts it didn’t happen, but I shamelessly wore white JUST INCASE 😉

So I pull into our drive way and walk up to the house. No lights are on but we also have cut electricity to most of the house so I wasn’t concerned. I  went in and instantly smelled something burning! I yelled for Matt and he said to just come upstairs. I went up and that burning smell turned out to be a yummy candle!

There Matt was standing in a candlelit room looking nervous. My first instinct was this wasn’t real, my second one was to laugh…. Laugh a lot. Time sped up and stood still all at once. Matt started reading me the sweetest letter he typed up about our first date and all of his memories of us. That’s when I knew I knew it was happening! He recalled every wonderful and trying time of our relationship and how we had overcome everything and always stuck by one another. I remember thinking OMG I can’t wait to tell our kids this story one day! Then of course he asked and I said yes and laughed some more! I still couldn’t can’t believe it!

Then we went to dinner at the same spot (McCormick and Schmidt’s) that we had our first date at 3 years ago! The waiter had no idea bc I was wearing my ring on my middle finger and could barely talk bc I was so excited! I mainly remember the waiter taking our order and spilling his entire pitcher of water on the ground. He didn’t even notice until one of the waiters said something to him…crazy the things you remember right?!!!!


(LOVE this top, its currently 50% off, i’m in an XS)

Then we called family and friends and told them. Definitely some of the best conversations!!!!

I’m so glad I have the opportunity to share our story with you all! It helps me remember! It’s hard for it not to just become a blur from being so happy!  And yea, I just looked down at my finger again…just to make sure it really happened!

Thursday – Went to get my ring sized at the jeweler (Matt wasn’t sure if I would like the band! But I love it!) Went to work, got my stitches out (had mouth surgery 2 weeks ago) then had happy hour with my friends. 2 weeks ago my 2 old roommates also got engaged !!!(Crazy right?!) so we all met up for HH at SOT. Totally cute new spot downtown! We all had the carbonated cocktail and it was soo tasty!

 But my night didn’t end there.  I had to jet over to the Kansas City Chiefs lounge fashion show!

I’ve never been to a fashion show before so I was nervous and oh so anxious but lucky my friend Heather from Minted in the Midwest came with me!

julie heatlher thrusday.jpg

(My whole outfit- aside form shoes is from forever21!!!)

Thursday night was all about the Kansas City Chiefs and their style lounge! After that were a few local designers. One of my favorites was the tie collection from Keefe Cravat:


My absolute favorite designer of the night was Roger Figueroa! Especially the yellow dress suit!


Such an AMAZING outfit! Still gushing about it!

Friday Night – The fun did not stop! Brad Paisley hosted a free concert that Matt and I decided to attend.  TBH I’m not a huge Brad Paisley fan but what an amazing performer he was!

brad paisley.jpg

Saturday– Was the morning of the Kansas City Half & Full Marathon. Denver and I walked down to the plaza to cheer on Liz (my sister) and Anson (my brother in laws brother) it was soooo windy and WARM but they both did amazing! I snagged a pic of Liz but didn’t get one of Anson because Denver wasn’t participating in being a “good boy”.

But seriously , check out my sister! (She the one pointing yelling show me your ring!) She’s wicked fast and would hate that I was bragging about her but she finished in the top 40 of all women, and there was over 2,400 women who ran!!!!!



The rest of the day was all about picking out tile. House remodels are exhausting and 6 hours later we got all of the tile for the bathrooms and laundry room picked out, and then I needed a nap.

Then came time for another fashion show! Saturday night was the finale of the Kansas City Fashion Week and was by far my favorite night! The night started with Alicia Janesko and her sister.This collection of resort wear was so beautiful! The coolest thing though is that her sister designed all the jewelry that went with the outfits


Next up was La Rae Fashions by Madison Durant – this was a dreamy collection of spring and summer pieces that made you feel like you were waking up in a fairy tale…did I mention she’s only 16?!!!!


Some of the edgiest looks of the night came from a designer from the Republic of Georgia -Atelie Samosi


I also was dying over the intricate detailing of Lucia’s Sarto



Lastly I love the wearable outfits of Sara Kahrs from Springfield, MO! Almost all of the outfits from this line I could see myself wearing!



Me and my sparkly friend!!! (I know my nails aren’t painted, they never are, it makes my hands feel all awkward and sweaty 🙂 )

Sunday- We met my sister and brother in law for brunch! This was the first time I  really saw my sister since I got engaged and we pretty much relieved the whole thing! My sister is my best friend and it was so fun to celebrate with them! After that we got to go over to the house and see all the construction and then back to work we went!

This time we had to pick out paint colors and leme tell you..picking out paint colors in a house that has all the lights ripped out of it is no easy feat! I did find out though that you can look up specific paint colors on pinterest and some amazing people have posted rooms painted in that color! I totally plan on returning the favor and adding our pictures of our walls so that it can help some other people!


our own little construction zone!

Okay that’s all…..lol you can wake up now!!!!  So just brace yourselves I’ll be gushing about remodeling and wedding planning for the next year! And fashion of course!

I hope your week was just as exciting as mine!!! Thank you so much for reading, I truly appreciate it! I can’t wait to share more with you all!


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