Patterned Poncho

No one really likes to wear pants am right?! But if you are like me or rather like any respectable woman, you know that wearing pants is a must! One of the best things about fall is that we have officially entered legging season, the unofficial no- pants pants season!


Poncho, here, here, and here | Ecco Booties (TTS wearing a 10) | Leggings (TTS wearing a Small), Similar (TTS wearing a Small) | Tote 

I’d like to set a few ground rules….First of all, unless you are working out, your leggings have back pockets and a front zipper, or you are still in college, it is by no means ever acceptable to wear leggings with a top that shows off your “front”. Ladies you know what I’m talking about. We don’t live in the desert the only camels we see should be at the zoo 😉

Secondly and lastly your leggings should never show off what is underneath. It is never ever okay to have see through anything covering your derriere. But really who would want that anyway?! Whenever buying leggings I always make sure to do the bend over test. Yep, that’s right I literally bend over in front of the mirror in the dressing room and make sure that nothing can be “seen”. I have linked a few pairs that I own and love and that do NOT show through!

Being a tall female it can be INCREDIBLY hard to find appropriate outfits that work with leggings! Tunics are great and I definitely have a few of them but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it in the warmth department! That’s were ponchos are perfect! Because you can pair them with a long shirt underneath they keep you warm. In addition to warmth their angled fronts pull the eyes down and don’t focus on where your shirt ends and your leggings begin!

Ponchos are also wonderful because um hello! Who doesn’t want to walk around with a blanket wrapped around them all day! The one I’m wearing was actually gifted to me by my nieces last year for Christmas!  Another thing I love about ponchos is that you can be completely “blah” underneath, i’m talking black leggings and t-shirt blah. When you throw on a poncho over your comfy leggings  ta-dah you looked like you tried! This works perfectly for those days when you don’t really wanna get dressed but still wanna look cute!

Where kind I find some of your favorite ponchos?!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you are having a wonderful week!


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    1. Sarah- Thank you so much! what a great find! That poncho is super cute! lol now i’m feeling like my closet could make space for it! You can never have too many ponchos right??

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