How to Clean Scarves

In case you missed it we are currently living in a 1-bedroom apartment while remodeling our new house! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE apartment living but it has its downsides as well. One of the biggest drawbacks is storage of course. In our old house I had an unlimited amount of closet space, I’m talking 4-bedroom house with only 2 people living in it….and yes I had clothes in literally every closet. So going from 4 closets to one was quiet the challenge. Since we moved in the summer I stored all my winter clothes away! Now that temps are starting to drop, rather SUPPOSED to be dropping (its been unseasonably warm here in KC), I’ve started pulling my winter clothes out of storage. Apparently I need a firm lesson in storage because all of my clothes I pull out of my plastic bins smell…..LIKE PLASTIC !

With that being said I started washing everything that I pull out of storage (So. Not. Fun.). While most of my sweaters I can just toss in the wash on gentle, my scarves aren’t so easy. So I put together some internet research based on the material of the scarf.


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How to clean your scarves:

Crepe, Rayon, or Chiffon

These materials are very delicate and can lose their shape, stretch, or shrink if they become wet. So total water submersion isn’t a good option. Spot cleaning with gentle soap is best with these. Then lay flat to dry, if ironing is needed- low settings with continuous movement to avoid burning. I also found that Febreze spray with gain and then hanging outside to air out helped rid mine of the yucky “plastic” smell!


LOVE this fabric always so soft! However, this material is very light but also very absorbent. Only handwashing will do with these. Luke warm water with a very gentle detergent. Submerge the scarf (one at a time) and gentle swish it around in the water. Rinse with lukewarm water. Gently press the scarf against the sink to release water from the fabric. Lay flat against a towel to dry. If wrinkles still occur apply downy wrinkle release and then place a lightweight cotton cloth over the fabric (to protect from heat and becoming shiny) then iron on low with continuous movement.


Hand wash in lukewarm-cold water with a few drops of mild wool detergent. Swirl the scarf around in the soapy liquid. Do not squeeze or exert too much pressure on the scarf as to avoid damaging the fabric. Rinse the scarf 2-3 times under cool running water, until no soapsuds remain. Lay down a towel and lay the scarf on top of the towel, stretching out the scarf to its original shape. NEVER WRING OUT THE SCARF. Allow to air dry.


Take a deep sigh of relief here! Washing machine friendly!!!!!! Wash on delicate on warm with fabric softener to prevent scarf from becoming itchy and stiff. Hang to dry, can toss in dryer on low but not too long to avoid shrinking, always hang up scarf after removing from dryer to prevent wrinkles

Remind self to only buy polyester scarfs due to incredible ease of cleaning process

Links I found helpful in aiding my dismal knowledge of cleaning scarves

There ya have it! Happy Scarf cleaning!!! (did i just use happy and cleaning in the same sentence ? 😉 )

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