Reasons to be Thankful

To be totally honest I was going to make this post about a long list of cardigans I love and some other fall favorites which I totally plan on still doing sometime but with it being Thanksgiving this week I wanted to share with you something that made me look around and count my blessings.


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So I don’t want to make this overly sappy, as this is a happy time of year! But sometimes things happen in life that make you  hit PAUSE. That make you think those deep thoughts that we tend to skim over in our busy lives, and make you stop and smell the flowers.

Two weeks ago my friend who was in town visiting, called me and told me she was in the hospital. Shocked – I rushed right over to see her. Shes okay now, but got some not so okay news. Her whole life is going to be different. Tons of obstacles lay ahead. She’s a strong willed individual and has more fight and gusto than a lot of people so I know she’ll be okay,but leaving the hospital I felt shaken.  As someone who used to go into the hospital everyday for work you would think hospital visits are no big deal and normally they aren’t, but this one was different.

I can honestly say i’m a very empathetic person (no really had to take the strengths finder test by gallup and yep it’s my #1 “Strength”). Therefore I feel what others are feeling and have the overwhelming sense that I want to make them feel better. Makes sense that I went into the nursing field now that I say it. I’ve seen hundreds of patients with a wide range of ailments. Prior to visiting my friend last week there was only one other time I had left the hospital feeling this unsettled, but that story is for another time.

Due to the intrinsic empathy I was also very angry when I left. I was angry that there is nothing I can do. There is no easy fix, this is just how its going to be. And I hate that for her. It scared me that this happened to someone who had just ran two half marathons this year, was the life of the party, was my age,  and lead a healthy lifestyle.  I started to worry what if that happened to me, then I felt like a complete jerk because it hadn’t. Then I started to think about how lucky i am to be able to walk out of that hospital on my own two feet.

 From my head to my toes I have countless blessings. I can walk out of there without worrying about what my test results are going to be or what will go wrong with me next. The chore of my daily life all of the sudden seemed so much more manageable. It made me realize how lucky I am to have to get up early to work out. To have to rush around to get ready for work. Because one day I won’t be able to even get out of bed. Someone will have to come to work to take care of me. No one knows how many days are in between now and then, but I know I need to work harder to be more thankful for each day that I do have! So this Thanksgiving truly be thankful for those around you, the moments spent with them are not always guaranteed.

I hate reading sad sappy things but I also realize an improvement in my prospective on things after. So I hope that even if you hated this post it helps you, even if its in the smallest way. I promise the next post will be ever so cheerful!


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