Engagement Gift Ideas


HI!!!! I feel so bad about being absent for so long, between the engagement, holidays, moving (twice – looong story), and finally moving into our new house I’ve been a bit busy. However, i’m so excited to be back and have SO MUCH to share (coming soon!)


As many of you know I’m recently engaged (okay its been 3 months but feels like yesterday!). What is even better however, is that 3 of my girlfriend also gotten engaged recently year as well! (holy engagement I know right?!). My guess is that over the holidays someone you know got engaged too!

Engagements are so great because, well obviously it means that two people have found the most wonderful things in each other and  decided to be together forever!  They are also a wonderful excuse to get together and celebrate!

Whether your friend is having a small get together at his/her/their house or a massive engagement bash there so many great gifts out there to help them celebrate!! Just a side note here, I think the best gift any friend can give another friend is words of encouragement and congratulations.  I didn’t expect any gifts and those received were greatly appreciated, but it definitely touched my heart the most receiving so many kind words from people showing us their love of our love!

First off anything with her new initials will always a be a winner! My sister got me this cup, with a shiny “G” on it and I love nothing more than sipping from it, holding it in my left hand and feeling oh so “engaged”.

When my friend Hilary got engaged she had an extravagant Italian style party in New York (I’m talking I hope my wedding is half as nice and fun as this party was!) However, I also know they live in a relatively small apartment so I didn’t want to get them something they couldn’t use. I found this oven to table serving board and they love it! Another great idea is an engraved ice bucket!

Monogram bags are also something she’ll be sure to love! I love this one, and who couldn’t’ love the price!

A fail safe gift that is also easy on the wallet is the diamond stick! I have seriously given this to all my engaged friends! Its wonderful because they can just toss them in their purse so their new sparkly friend can always be looking their best!

Here are few other small gifts I love!

Ring Dish 

Coffee Mug


When all else fails grab a bottle of wine and a local wedding magazine! She will absolutely love it!  Thanks for reading, and if you happen to be newly engaged- CONGRATS! Relax, celebrate, and enjoy it!