Valentine’s Day Love Stories


I’m sure your all out there scouring the internet for love stories on Valentine’s day right?! (Kidding! -kind of? Ha)  Or maybe you’re watching all the gushiest movies like P.S. I love you and You’ve Got Mail.  ORRRRRR maybe you’re watching How to be Single with a bottle of wine and yourself.  Whatever you’re doing this Valentine’s Day make it fun! If you are with someone make sure to show you care about them, even if its writing them a little note on a post it! If you are alone remember the best form of love is self-love! Take a night in and focus everything on you (I’m talking at home facial, hot soak in the tub, bowl of chocolate kinda night).

With all the talk about love I thought I would share our little love story! Oh and some engagement pics (ps shout out to my sister for snapping these and putting up with my million request and Matt’s dad for editing them!)


Be warned this story does not start off how you think! P.S. for any of my friends/family reading this the one on the knot is the edited version 😉

In the Summer of 2014 my friend Hilary was dating a young fellow named Cash. I was out at a bar with my friend Hilary when Cash’s friend, lets name him Charlie (names have been changed 😉 comes up and blurts out to me “hi there, you look like my future ex-wife”………. Long story short here he turned out to be a pretty big charmer and we started “dating”.  Now I’m using this “dating” term very lightly here. We would go to dinner and hang out with your friends but it was pretty clear to me at least that this was merely a convenient form of entertainment for the time. Disclaimer- we’ve all been there – you know low points in your life that you aren’t proud of, well let’s chalk this up to just that.

The summer passed and the dates were getting lamer and lamer, but it was something to do and I was new to KC so it was turning out a great way to meet new friends! Charlie was leaving to go to China to finish up his MBA and I was 100% planning to “loose” contact with him. As fate would have it a week before he left there was the American Royale BBQ down town. Charlie invited me, at first I said no, and then when nothing else came up I decided to meet him and his friends down there.


They say you can remember certain things about defining moments in your life, naturally I remember my outfit. A borrowed blue ralph lauren button up from my roommate at the time (thanks E!), red jeans, and my leopard print flats. I called a cab (I had never done this before, like ever) and headed down to meet Charlie. (Note- I 100% packed my gun in my purse, not loaded of course, just a heavy object to fend off a predator). Getting into the cab with the driver I clutched my purse like it was my only lifeline until I met the driver- a very chatty woman who clearly smoked to survive. She was so excited to pick me up in her new pink car, talked my ear off, and got me safely to my destination.

Arrive at KC royale meet up with group. Charlie is already wasted, though this comes as no surprise. So I took to my normal and started making friends with the rest of the group! Not an hour later the group decided to leave as it was beginning to rain. So here we are running to the limo (yes we had a limo at a BBQ event, I can’t even start to explain) and these 2 blonde boys start helping me and the other girl there over these puddles. Yep you guessed it! Another defining moment! I remember thinking like are these guys really that drunk they don’t know it’s raining and they think we are playing a game jumping over puddles?! OR no they are REALLY helping use over these puddles….WOW. I was so impressed, I already wanted to meet their mom and tell her she did a good job.

We all pile into the limo and head into town to a local bar to grab some food/drink. Charlie and his friend leave us for a while to go get cigars, without telling anyone of course. Anyway, in the bathroom I am tipped off that the Matt guy likes me. Who’s the Matt guy I asked? The tall blonde guy…..which one? I asked (there were 2!). Kate explains who Matt is (it’s the cute one I’d been eyeing) I make a mental note and play it completely cool as I walk out of the restroom over to the bar and “accidentally” run into his chair.  Matt says hi, makes a little small talk, and asked me if I’m dating Charlie. I laugh it off and say no, because by all accounts of dating, we are really not dating, in reality we just attend social events together. Matt slyly asked me if I would want to go out a date with him. Direct but not pushy, I was already really liking him! I said I would, but he couldn’t get my number here because of the people that were around as much as I did not feel committed to Charlie I also didn’t want to be rude. This also set up an obstacle for Matt, how was he going to get my number.  I feel like setting a small obstacle as to not make it too easy for guys at first, is a good test if they are worth your time anyway. Charlie and his friend come back to the bar and we all hang out for a few more.

The night ends and we all pile in the limo to drop people off. We make the round and drop off a couple of people downtown. Charlies condo is next. I walked Charlie to his door and tell him bye, and not just your normal bye see you later, it was a fork in the road and we were now on separate paths. I get back in the limo and the drop offs continue, and finally there were 3. Matt, his brother, and I were the last 3 in the limo. We stop at Matt’s brothers place and Matt’s brother hops out. Then Matt slides over and finally ask for my number, I happily oblige. Complete and utter princess moment. I sat there thinking to myself, did my life just change?! Turns out, it did ;).

 Our story didn’t start out like your typical love store and we definitely haven’t taken a normal route to get where we are today. But I feel like the only thing that matters is we are here now and nothing could feel more wonderful. I hope all of you have a great Valentine’s day!

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