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Did you know your skin is your body’s LARGEST organ, and not only that it’s the most visible too! Yet all too often we don’t give it the royal treatment that it deserves. I have definitely had my days of falling asleep in my makeup (CRINGE!) and didn’t even really know why moisturizer was important until college!

Thankfully times have changed! However, with all the different products out there it can be hard to sift through and find the good ones, not to mention it can be costly. Nothing is worse than spending a ton of money on something that doesn’t work! I’ve been there way too many times 🙁

Here are a few products that are in my current beauty line up that I SWEAR by.


First up TULA day/night cream. I found this gem through Katey another blogger. TULA is awesome because it has probiotics in it that make your skin healthier and more resistant to aginig….um age resistant?! sign me up! The biggest take away from this is that it never makes my face feel greasy! I typically have pretty average skin, except in the winter when it gets soo dry! I put this stuff on at night and in the morning and love how it makes my skin feel. I even mix it with my CC cream! Since I started using this i’ve been able to wear less makeup because my skin has evened out so much! Tula’s a pretty neat company and usually has coupons, just google and follow them on social media to find out when they have discounts!


It cosmetics CC cream in medium. For years I have worn bare minerals tinted BB primer. It was great until they changed something in their formula and all of the sudden I felt like I was putting oil all over my face…and not the good kind either! My friend Erin actually introduced this to me last summer while we got ready for a wedding together. I don’t know how this stuff does it but it just makes my skin look sooo smooth and my pores so small. When I mix it with a little TULA cream I feel like I get full coverage without any of the weight. Even better I feel like I can wear this a few times a week and then my skin feels so good the days between that I don’t even wear anything on my face! (just on my eyes 😉


Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil #2

Eyebrows really are a quick and easy way to shape your face!  Unfortunately, I’m not artist and sometimes when I try and do my BLONDE eyebrows it ends up looking like a toddler got ahold of my makeup! Ha but really if you knew me in middle or high school you would be laughing! This eye brow pencil makes it such a smooth process AND one of the ends has an eyebrow brush on the end of it (double win!!) for reference I use shade #2.


Tart Gifted Mascara

Made out of Amazonian clay this Mascara lengthens, conditions, and repairs your eyelashes! I currently use this in conjunction with Neulash! So far so good (more to come on Neulash soon!) I like this because it lengthens and thickens my eyelashes but never irritates them!


Eucerin Lip Balm

During the winter months nothing helps my lips, literally nothing! I had exfoliated and lathered on carmex, chapstick, and vaseline and was still chapping! Finally someone at work recommended this eucerin lip balm… life saver! (not to mention easy on the wallet!) I use every night before bed and every morning and haven’t had cracked lips since!

HELP!!!! I’m in the market for a new blush any recommendations?! I’d love to hear any of your beauty favorites!

Thanks for reading!


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    1. Hey Ellie! So glad I could be your reminder ! The brow pencil has not let me down! I tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow kit and the powder just didn’t work for me. Hope you love it!

    1. Rachel, you totally should! I was pessimistic about them both (bc of the price!) but using something that allows me to wear less and less makeup actually saves me money! I actually have been asked what treatments i’m doing to my face, and its nothing, the cream and cc cream!

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