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Do you ever feel like you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear?! HA said every girl ever am I right?! Recently I was chatting with one of Matt’s uncles and we started discussing European style. Let’s face it, Europeans are always so stylish! I remember when I was in Spain and could not get over how effortlessly cool all of these women  looked! What’s even more impressive is that traditional European housing calls for zero closet space. So why is that we Americans in our giant homes can’t seem to put together outfits?! It’s because much like our meals, bigger is not always better. Our closets have come so overwhelming that even the best of us can struggle to put together cohesive looks. What can you do about it?! Downsize and zero in on staple pieces.

They say we wear a whopping 20% of our closet, that’s so sad 🙁 . Not to mention a SERIOUS waste of money. So one of my “resolutions” for this year is to decrease my closet. By no means did I just say I’m going to stop shopping 😉 , but I’m definitely going to try and only buy pieces that I will actually put to use. Does this mean I will start wearing more of the same thing? Not really, because when I think about it,  I already do this. The majority of what I buy I may wear once. When I started to think about my return on investment  on my closet my stomach starts to flip. In order to improve my closet, I have to start being strategic with my purchases and only buy pieces I will wear multiple times and more than one season!



Shirt | Flats | Similar Jeans | Belt | Similar Bag

A great example of a step in the right direction is this black and white strip turtle neck.  While this shirt was not cheap, it is a shirt that is timeless and I will be able to wear in the fall, winter, and spring. So that makes it worth it! I can wear this along, under vest, under sweaters, under jackets, with jeans, with a skirt, you get the point!  It’s also incredibly soft and breathable…so you can’t go wrong there.

My Kate Spade flats were another investment piece, which I had to hunt for, as mentioned here. Again these were not easy on my wallet, but due to their comfort and craftsmanship I will have them for a very long time! Having pieces in your closet that fit well and excite you to wear will make you more keen to shop your closet rather than the stores! These flats are also an excellent closet staple piece.

My belt is actually reversible (and under $25!) The other side is brown which in addition to my leopard print belt makes up my entire belt collection. Yep you you counted correctly that’s a total of 2! The most important part of any belt is that it serves its function in addition to looking good.

Lastly my work/travel bag. This was actually gifted to me by Matt’s mom! At first I was a little concerned about how I could style a two-toned bag, as I’ve never owned one! But the more and more I use it, the more I become aware of its versatility. I had been looking for a good work bag, and the fact that this doubles as a travel bag just creates even more space in my closet. Insider tip: Kate Spade has “flash” sales were you can find bags that are typically $400 for $200 or less, if you can wait I highly recommend you head over to the Kate Spade website and sign up for emails (then you’ll be the first to know!) if not this one is sure to provide you as much function as it does style!

A few other pieces I would recommend for your closet:

Trench: J. Crew

Sunnies: Kate Spade 

Wedges: Marc Fisher  

Block Nude Heels: Steve Madden  

Sneakers: Adidas 

Wear Everywhere Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

What are some of your staple closet pieces?!



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  1. I agree with you, focus on the investment pieces that are worth it (like those loafers, wow!). I was just thinking this morning when I put on my striped turtleneck that I probably wear it at least once a week, and every time a different way! Yet, the more expensive tops I have in my closet I have only worn a few times!

    1. Virginia- i’m so glad we feel the same! That is definitely my focus this year, wear more timeless pieces and get rid of those expensive wear “once” pieces!

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