Pretty in Pleats


Hey guys! I thought I would share with you all today one of my favorite spring trends-  PLEATS! Pleats are such an amazing feminine detail that you can easily incorporate into so many outfits. Pleats make any outfit sophisticated and classic. You might remember wearing pleated dresses as a little girl, well they are back and better than ever!  I recently wore this pleated skirt to my friend’s bridal shower and I loved how delicate I felt in it!



pleated skirt | floral blouse | pink purse | nude heels 

 I remember the very first time I saw pleats. It was Easter Sunday and my Omi (grandmother) was wearing a beige pleated skirt and cream colored blouse. I can’t recall how old I was but I do remember just looking at her and thinking about how pretty she was and how much I wanted to look just like her. As I’ve said before Europeans have impeccable style, so it should come as no surprise that my grandma is very German, so of course she had amazing style!

One of the things I love the most about pleats is the movement it gives your outfit. Every step you take the pleats shift and draw subtle attention. While guys don’t always notice every detail of your outfit, a moving piece is sure to catch their eye! Pleats aren’t just limited to skirts either! I love them in shirts like this black one, that would be PERFECT for date night, these pleated pants would make for perfect transitional day to night outfits,  and I love these dresses here and here! An item I’ve  been eye is this micro pleated floral ruffled top forever…. like how cute is it?!

I hope you ya’ll have an excellent week!

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  1. Beyonce wore a dress recently that was green with pleats when she went to the Beauty and the Beast viewing and it was GORGEOUS! Your skirt is so pretty and I love all the small details on it! Nice selection 🙂

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