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Hey guys! Going a little deeper than the typical outfit post today! Of course we will cover clothes but I thought I would also share with all of you something I struggle with on a daily basis. I hope it can help you as well!

Change, it’s something we all go through all throughout our lives but how we deal with it can really shape our prospective on it. I’d love to say that I can just roll with the punches and be a chameleon in any situation however, I for one struggle with change ALOT. For example, last week we moved into a new building at work. It might just be a mile up the road, but a change and especially one in my environment really affects me! So in order to keep my anxiety about change and the unknown to a minimum I have started doing the following things to prepare my mind for it! This totally helped me have minimal anxiety walking into my new unknown workspace! I

 have to say with lots of changes happening in my life (getting engaged, moving twice, planning a wedding, getting married to name a few) doing this has really really helped me fear not for the future and the possibility of change, but be excited about it! Side note this also really helps when date nights plans change last minute and I still want to have a good time (which has previously been a point of high anxiety)

First off, I know half, if not all of you reading this might be thinking that I sound like a crazy person who needs to just chill, and to those your probably right I could 100% use a little chill in my life. For me change rocks my boat in a way I can barely describe and I have an inkling I’m not the only one! I’m a person of routine, I don’t love redundancy but I do love going about my ways in a calculated manner! Without further ado-

  1. Evaluate what about the change bothers you the most. Chances in are there is one or maybe two specific things about this change that really bother you. For example, prior to my move I was worried about knowing where to go, where to park, even how to get to my new office! Once you have pinpointed what is scaring you about the change write it down, yes do it now.
  1. Read out loud what you wrote, okay just read it silently in your head. Sounds cheesy and stupid and I felt that way the first few times I did it. It’s kind of like when you were a kid and had nightmares and your parents made you tell them everything that happened in the dream, it always made the nightmare go away!
  1. Prioritize your list of fears and plan to overcome them. Starting with the first one write down 3 things you can do to help minimize your fear. For example, when we have plans to out for dinner and then they change I freak out. Literally freak out! I have found that I don’t like going to places I haven’t mentally prepared for. I combat this by looking up the restaurant on their insta (so I can get a vibe and know what to expect), remind myself that it is just 1-2 hours of my life, and lastly take my mind to my “happy” place (or at least try!) – you can do this by visualization – mine is hiking in a forest and then hitting the top of the cliff where the trees thin out and the sunlight beams through.
  1. Let go of the anxiety. Once you have prioritized the fears and figured out what you are going to do let them go! Let the change happen and have a good reaction to it. Easier said than done for sure but make it a habit and it will become easier and easier each time!



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By breaking down my fears I have found that they really aren’t anything at all. Just figments of my conscious that are trying to keep me from doing my best and having fun! The most important thing I can say is that how you react to a situation can sometimes make the situation. If I get really frustrated and let it take over I never have a good time and whatever it is I always feel bad after. I always look back and think of all the time I wasted being afraid of something I could have made into a good situation had I just gathered my thoughts and allowed myself to overcome it!

I hope you found this helpful! I know a lot of people deal with anxiety and change is the epitome of their anxiety but no one ever wants to talk about it! So just here to say you aren’t the only one, everyone feels it at some point, just some more than others 😉

Oh yea my outfit! This sweater is soo comfy and easy to dress up or down! These jeans get worn more than I would like to admit (at least once a week). My shoes are dupes of Valentinos, which who doesn’t love a good dupe. My exact pair are sold out, but these are actually closer to the Valentinos than mine are! My bag is super old but so versatile I can’t part with it, I’ve linked a similar one here.

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  1. Change is always hard, and life is constantly changing. Sometimes we work ourselves up, when like you said, our fears are nothing to fear. Love your style!

  2. I’m so happy you posted on this topic! The change i’m currently dealing with is accepting that I have a new last name. Which is why I decided to hyphen my last name with my old maiden name. lol. I just can’t seem to let it go. You certaintly do have a lot on your plate, but if it helps, this past year i was working full time, working part time, blogging part time, and planning a wedding from long distance! You can do it and I’m happy you have found a way to deal with anxiety and change. Thank you for sharing these tips and advice <3

  3. Change can be very hard but it is good and necessary sometimes. I love this easy cozy early Spring look. The blush slouchy sweater is perfect for now and I love the cute tan shoes. =)

    I’d love if you stop by my blog and linkup this outfit on my Thursday Moda linkup. A new linkup goes live every Thursday. Come share your lovely style with me and my readers. Thanks and happy hump day!

    1. Ada you are soo right! Change is completely necessary sometimes and the difficulties of it some times make the outcome that much sweeter! I’ll definitely have to stop by you link up sometime!

  4. Loving this blue sweater!!! It’s the perfect color for spring!! You should come share it with us at On Mondays We Link-Up! Great tips, by the way! I’m totally going through a lot of changes with my career right now and I can use some guidance on how to handle the unknowns so your post comes at a great time for me!

    Trendy & Tidy

  5. I hear ya on the anxiety struggle! Your advice is great. I find myself affirming what I know to be true when I get anxious. For example, I am a teacher and used to a regular classroom but since my husband and I moved I have had to be a substitute teacher. This causes me untold amounts of anxiety since I don’t know what to expect each day. This morning I am telling myself – You know the school and students have been very respectful when you worked there in the past. You have subbed for the teacher before and they provided a lesson plan. If something happens, you know you can call ___. This helps me focus on what I know to be true than letting my mind freak out and race through all the possible problems.

    On a less serious note, you just look so comfy in this post. Those jeans look amazing!


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