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dallas front of the joule

Recently we went on a weekend couples trip to Dallas and ya’ll (yes the official saying of Dallas) I had no idea a city could provide so many fun things to do! We picked Dallas because one of Matt’s friends recently moved here and another friend lives in Austin. These two fine gents also happen to be in our wedding so what better way to let them both know we wanted them in our special day than in person! We stayed downtown and didn’t really leave the area much (no need to!) so here is a little city guide. Let me preface this by saying there is soo much more to explore – we were only there for less than 48 hours!

Where to Stay

The Joule Dallas 


Located in the heart of downtown. The car ride from the airport to the hotel was around 20 minutes (we came in JUST before traffic hit, so could be a little more if you come during a busy time). I have to admit I was MORE than excited when Matt told me we were staying here! I had seen so many other bloggers stay here and was very curious to check it out for myself. Turns out there is a reason everyone wants to here, rather a ton of reasons! Something that blew me away before we even stepped foot in the hotel was how we were greeted. Still trying to figure out  how it happened! They knew who Matt was before we even checked in! Right as our driver pulled up,  a doorman from the Joule crossed the street (we parked on the wrong side!) greeted us and stopped traffic to let us cross. WOW! I felt like a celebrity! Aside from the obvious amazing service the location is perfect! You are right downtown and there are many shops (I’m talking like a huge Nieman Marcus attached to the hotel) within walking distance, not to mention lots of bars & restaurant, I’ll get to those soon! On to the room first!



(view from our room)

 Rooms here are not huge. TBH – I was expecting them to be very large considering everything is supposed to be “bigger” in Texas, but for what they lacked in space they made up for in quality! The bed was soooo comfy, like ridiculously comfortable! There was a lot of digitization in the rooms as well. Something to note tho- the bathroom does have a clear glass door (its frosted but still) so if you are traveling with a new significant other take note of that! Another awesome thing was the shower! One regular shower head and another rain head, I LOVE showers like that! The bathroom also had great accommodations for those of use with a lot of products! Same goes for storage for your clothes. They even included an ironing board and have dry cleaning service – which can be a must when you are traveling!

The room/entire hotel also smelled wonderful, the only other hotel I’ve ever noticed a smell in a good way is the 1 Hotel in South Beach  If a new aspect of hotel branding is room scenting I am all for it!  It’s like they have diffusers all over the building and its like you are just wondering all over scent heaven! They also had those life saver mints everywhere in this hotel, I’m talking EVERYWHERE! Which I think is really neat because it adds to the sexiness of the hotel, bad breath is never sexy ha 😉  We did not get to check out the pool as it was closed for the season. It would have been so cool to be in a rooftop pool in the heart of the city! This entire hotel gave off a very swanky cool vibe and I loved it! It’s not a shocker that celebrities hang out here. The lobby bar is where we saw our celebrity (I’ll explain in a sec!) But we also had fun in the lobby bar because the bartender (pictured below) looks like an exact doppelganger of our friend Cameron (also one of our groomsmen) we soo wanted to text him and tease him that we found his bearded long lost twin!

cameron guy

Where to Eat

Fact: you never need to leave the hotel! There are so many restaurants inside of it! We actually ended up grabbing drinks at CBD Provisions  (inside the Joule) before dinner on Friday. Then we headed over to  Del Friscos  for a yummy steak dinner! We went to the new location in downtown Dallas and the inside, well it speaks for itself!


I’m a KC girl and even I was convinced of their steak! Cooked and seasoned to perfection! We also shared sides with the whole table which was really fun! Not only is the food good but the environment is really fun too! After dinner we headed to the Parliament for drinks. It’s actually a very small bar but packed a lot of character (think swanky library). All the guys had Manhattans and loved them! It was just a Friday night but the place was packed I was very impressed!

group pic

(the whole gang!)

The next morning, we grabbed brunch at CBD provisions. I got the Green Chile Pork Mingas  (it was that good and I’m really picky!). I also highly recommend their queso fundido, we got one for the table to share and it was delicious!


(Pork Mingas)

After this the boys wanted to go car shopping so they dropped us girls off at the Northpark Mall. Holy SMOKES! This was the “bigger in Texas” I had been thinking of! This place could take a whole week to get through, you name it they have it! We ended up headed to Nordstrom and Zara. Everyone in Texas is soooo friendly like just straight up nice, we asked numerous times which direction to a store and people not only pointed but walked us to the store, so nice! Fun fact: walking out of Nordstrom’s I ran into someone I know from KC! How crazy is that???!!!

The boys picked us up from shopping we headed out looking for a snack (we hadn’t eaten since brunch!). We ended up across the street from the Joule at Forty Five 10  .

fortey five 10

 They have a little restaurant above their shops and we thought it had a really neat patio.  However, we weren’t overly impressed with their happy hour menu (we were starving) so we headed across the street to the Iron Cactus.   They have a patio and who doesn’t love Mexican when they are hungry?! We got their guacamole (they make it table side) and was so surprised when they squeezed a fresh orange into our guac!  I thought this was super weird until I tasted it and wanted to eat it all! After indulging ourselves we headed in to nap and get changed for dinner.

After we changed we hung out in the lobby for a while – Guys check out this lobby/bar!

where we saw zoolander

This ended up being one of Matt’s favorite parts of the because we saw/met Ben Stiller! Apparently this is the place for celebrities to go in Dallas! Matt was thrilled bc after we had awkwardly stared at him but didn’t muster the courage to say “hi” Ben said “hey man” and waved as he walked by Matt and I!  After our little celebrity run in we headed to the Locale. This is a pretty quiet restaurant, and we might of been a little noisy for them ha oops! But the food was delicious and I highly recommend it for a quiet date night!

After dinner we headed out to Elms street (also referred to as Deep Ellum) to find a place for a night cap! We randomly stumbled into Hide bar. It was sooo fun! I was really craving a minty-milky  drink (like really Julie??? Don’t worry the bartender gave me a funny look too) anyway the bartender kindly let me know he didn’t have any minty-milky drinks but made me a to die for concoction that I ordered 2 of!  I can tell you that any bar you pick off this street will surely provide you a great time! The whole area was hopping with people walking down the street, live music, and just tons of fun! It definitely reminded me of a little New Orleans!

After a few drinks we headed back into our comfy beds. The next morning Matt and I were the only ones who were able to make brunch (adulting is no joke 😉 ) so we naturally headed back to CBD provisions ha! I had the same thing and Matt ordered the sourdough French toast which sounded awesome but ended up being too much food! Then we jumped in a car and headed to the airport. One of the best parts of this trip was that we flew into Dallas/Lovefield which only has southwest and a few other airlines which made the airport a lot less busy and easy to navigate. Dallas is only an hour flight away from kc and I can’t wait to jet down there for another fun weekend! Maybe we can go back to the Joule so I can check out the rooftop pool (hint, hint Matt!)

Have any of you ever been to Dallas?  Whats your favorite spot?

Thanks so much for reading!



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  1. Next time go to Javier’s for Mexican Food, Mico’s Monkey Bar for pre dinner drinks/apps, the Mansion for after dinner drinks and live music, Stirr for brunch, stay in Uptown…if not at the Ritz at the Crescent, or hotel Zaza–but go to the Ritz at 530 for the most amazing free tequila shots and gauc, and then shop in Highland Park Village.

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