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Guys its been INSANE lately! Literally insane ha. Fashion week was soo much fun but completely wiped me out. I like to go to bed at 830/9 and seeing as some of the shows ran over 9..haha well you get the point! I also really really need to get to cake tastings…oops it will have to wait until May (I’ll tell you why in a sec!) but I guess I could at least get it scheduled!


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Neck Scarf (obsessed & only $14!) | Similar Pink Purse | Light Purple Cardigan | Navy Tank | Gentle Souls Slingbacks  | J.Crew Jeans (tts i’m in tall 28) – 30% off!

So last week I went and tried on a bridesmaid’s dress for a wedding April 29th…yes later this month. The top was fine, the waist was fine, even the length was fine…but ya’ll my thighs, MY THIGHs did not fit! #thanksmuscles . The nice girl at the dress shop was like we can try and let it out for you…but then all of the sudden I got really worried! Because what do you do about big thighs??? I mean I can’t work out more bc all workouts I use my leg which makes my thighs…bigger (I’m that weird person that usually gains a little weight (muscles) when working out) so I racked my brain and came up with a win-win! I decided to see what the whole 30 stuff was about and to just stick to yoga and only running once a week. This might sound bizarre to a lot of you out there but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

SIDE NOTE – when I got fitted for my dress they actually wanted me to order a size smaller than what I ended up ordering, even though I told them that did not sound right. We settled in the middle and I so wish I could have just gone with my gut, but oh well, can’t change it!

So in order to slim my thighs here are a few pros I figured out-

             Less running

           No lunges

                No Jillian Michael’s leg workouts (YAY!!!)

                No taking the stairs (9 flights) up to my desk in the morning

With all the good as mentioned above how could there possibly be bad. Well let me tell you as I sit here on day 10 there is bad. I haven’t had any grains, dairy, sugar, rather ANYTHING delicious in 10 days. Okay that’s a lie I cheated last Saturday (day 7). You guys you aren’t supposed to cheat, it defeats the purpose of the program, but there were 3, 3 desserts in front of me, I had a few bites of each and life moved on.  With that being said I also got the book “its starts with food” last Saturday and after skimming over the information (all good!) I figured it out. This program is supposed to change your thinking about food. It’s not supposed to be a reward its supposed to be a way of life. Aka this intentionally takes the “fun” out of eating food. Sounds insane right? Yea I agree I freaking LOVE eating, who doesn’t?! But that is also the problem, we reward ourselves with food. I’ve done it more times than I can remember – I’ll do this work out so I can eat this, or mindless eating to get a paper/blog post done. Even if you are eating healthy if you view it as a reward it can trigger reactions in your brain that make you think that food = pleasure, which leads us to eat bad things, insert major sad face.

So after I read that I had to stop for a second and cool myself off. Because food is a reward and love nothing more than going to TCBY and “treating” myself- bc DUH it’s a treat and I love it! While this is okay sometimes our brains and bodies are both creatures of habit and if you can’t separate your thoughts on okay I’m eating and enjoying this but I 100% could live without it vs. I’m eating this and I enjoy it and I deserve it, well then  that’s a problem.

I also found out that after reading the book I was doing the first week WRONG. I thought it was just eating whenever you want whatever you want as long as it fell into the “good foods” category (anything unprocessed, grain, sugar, and dairy free). Meaning that when I wanted something sweet I gave it to my brain, even if it was in the form of a clementine, still I rewarded my brain with the sugar it wanted. This is not what they want you to do. What they want you to do is to stop and think about why you are hungry, is your stomach really empty and wanting food- then try a protein or fat, or is it just that your brain is trained to want something sweet after each meal? (deep thoughts here ya’ll I know!) Well without a doubt mine is the second one! So after reading that I changed my gears and tried to only eat sweets when my body was actually hungry, and they never filled me up so I had to move on to protein and fats.

I’m not going to bore you with all the details, okay at least not today, so I’ll just give you a general update of how I’m feeling-

TBH hungry but not? Idk I’m so thirsty! I  am craving sugar, in the WORST way. They call it the sugar dragon and I totally get it. STOP FEEDING THE DRAGON lol but really holy smokes when you do, you feel like you get control of your eating back. Stopping and thinking about how I’m really feeling has really helped!  When I was craving it made me feel on edge! Slowly overcoming the cravings, but they come back at the most random times, each on though is easier to say no to.

One positive thing I’ve already noticed, is my stomach feels great. Normally within a span of 3 days I start to have some sort of stomach issue or headache but so far I have seen those issues cool down. I did have a headache Friday night- but I had a really restless night and bad dreams (so who knows what that was!) I also have a lot more energy! However, when I do get tired I get exhausted tired like need to go take a nap. I’m also happier overall. Maybe it’s my sugars evening themselves out but I feel like I’m in a better state of mind? IDK how to explain it but not complaining!

Difficulties ahead- it’s really hard to be at a social event and not be able to drink, but I’ve found that getting a fancy glass with club soda and some limes makes it seem like I am drinking and its not weird at all! Probably another “no” in the program but I’m not that social and the past week I had some exceptions. I also want to note I’m only doing this until April 22rd. Why you ask – a few days short I know, bc I’m going on vacation on April 23rd and yea I’m going on VACATION.

Okay that’s all for today!!! If you are having dietary issues I highly highly recommend trying the Whole30 thing, even if just for a week, I can definitely say it’s made a positive change in me! – also you don’t have to buy anything for this or a book pretty much its all laid out on! (stick to the grocery list and don’t eat sugar when your craving it and your pretty much golden!)

Thanks so much for reading! It is so greatly appreciated!

(PS none of this is sponsored by Whole30, just me being as basic as humanely possible jumping on the bandwagon. But really try it! You’ll feel great!)

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    1. Thanks lady!!! I wore it to wore and got questioned if I was trying to be a flight attendant ! ? gotta love engineers take on fashion! Hope you are doing we!!!!

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on The Whole 30. Someday in the Summer, I want to try it for a month. You look great. Such lovely layering for Spring.

    I’d love for you to stop by Thursdays and linkup with me. Share your awesome style and blog with me and my readers. Thanks and Happy Tuesday!

    Ada. =)

  2. Haha! Thanks for sharing your experience with the Whole 30 and your bridesmaids dress chronicles 😀 They always seem to want you to order a size smaller for some reason! Yoga is definitely a help for slimming down muscular thighs, I can attest to that! <3

    1. OMG why do they do that?! I don’t understand at all, i mean i’m going to buy the dress? They must have an deal with the tailor! Yoga is a great idea ! Thank you!

    1. Aww Thanks Riva!!!Hahah dirty little secret – literally dirty! I washed and curled it the day before and then went to bed on it! Spray with a little dry shampoo and fix a few pieces in the front and thats it!

  3. I’m so glad you’re sharing your experience so far with the Whole30 diet! I’m looking to start the diet in June, and your information is so helpful! Also your outfit is adorable, and the perfect look for spring!
    xo, Tessa –

    1. Tess you are so welcome! I think starting in a warmer month is actually a really smart idea! Its much easier to curb cravings when you can just go outside for a walk instead of being cooped up! If you have any questions or want an accountability buddy just let me know! i’d be more than happy to help!

  4. Victoria you are very welcome! I found it a little hard to navigate as well! I think they have a book out there on how to exactly start with a 30 day meal plan, but i just went for the more fact focused “it starts with food” book! If you have any questions just let me know! Some of the recipes out there are paleo but not truly whole 30 so watch out for those!

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