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IMG_3419.JPGFestival season is upon us!!!! Music festivals are sooo fun! I feel like they are all the modern day version of Woodstock! A chance for people to come together, dress up of course, and just have fun! I think that festival season is also secretly a big celebration that winter is finally gone! I’d thought I would share a few insights into what you should wear and how to prepare!


similar top | jeans (on sale for under $40!) |  heels mine are sold out but these are very similar! | black floppy hat |crossbody 

One of the best parts of music festivals is that they typically start during the day. If you’re a grandma like me, you can probably relate when I say I love activities that happen during the day because when the sun goes down I’m only good for a few hours! Lol! Since they start during the day and run for a few (or sometimes many) hours you need to dress for day and evening weather. Yes, I know it’s hot when the sun is up but if you burn you will be even worse off when the sun goes down!

I have paired these high waisted jeans with this fringe top. This is perfect bc my legs are protected (from bugs and whatnot) yet I’m still staying cool in my top! When you are curating your outfit just think anything boho chic and you will be golden!

When it comes to your feet keep it cute but keep it comfortable! These Vince Camuto lace up heeled sandals are actually really comfortable and the fact that the width is adjustable with the strings is perfect for when your feet swell throughout the day. (oh your feet never swell? That’s nice you must be some kind of unicorn, you should probably go get cloned 😉 ) I think sneakers would also be a fab choice!

Keep yourself protected from the sun! Hats, hats, hats and more hats! Ha but really hats. Keeping your head out of the sun keeps you from not only getting skin cancer but also lowers the risk of sun poisoning! Oh did I mention floppy hats are adorable?! Hats will also be your savior when your hair inevitability falls flat!

Lastly and this is how much of a worry wart I am. Keep your phone charged! Invest in a mophie if you want or a little on the go charger like this one. You want to be able to capture the experience but don’t get stranded without a ride bc your phone died!

Here is a list of artist by festival & here is a list of festivals!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have an AMAZING time at your music festival!


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