Trend to Try: Mules

Do you ever feel like you see a new trend and wonder- can I pull that off? I find myself wondering this all the time!  I was especially iffy when it came to the mule trend, rather when the mule trend came back around ;).  I loved how other people looked when I saw them in mules but wasn’t too sure if I could translate that look into my style. After a few trial and errors I found a great combination and then I started to find so easy to incorporate mules into my wardrobe. So  to answer the question- Yes! Anyone and I mean ANYONE can pull off a mule! It just needs to be with the right outfit! Here is a look that I recently styled with my favorite mules I hope it inspires you to try the mule trend out yourself!



Maybe you are wondering where this shoe even came from, I definitely was. Well, we can thank the French the Romans for this trend. This article was so insightful reading how the mule trend came about! With trends I don’t understand sometimes, I like to do a bit of research so when I am questioned on them I know of their history.   The word mule is actually french and translates to a backless shoe. Manolo Blahnik was drawn to the mule because of the way women walked in them, it’s different the first few times you walk in them and causes you to find your balance, which he though was very appealing.

In the spring you will see a wide variety of mules ranging in color and height. While I tend to lean towards neutral colors with my shoes, as it allows me to be more versatile, a perfect pair  of  poppy colored mules  (here) could be the finishing touch to your fav spring outfit! Another great thing about adding updated statement piece to your closet is that it instantly updates it without adding a large expense.  Mix these with jeans and a white tank or a fun black dress and you have updated your wardrobe with one easy piece!

I have styled mine here (sold out but similar here) with my all time fav Levi’s jeans, contemporary pink blouse, and a nuetral purse (old, but similar here). The great thing about mules is that they have block heel and the thicker the heel the more comfortable the shoe! Mules can easily be dressed up or dress down and are so perfect for day to evening looks because of this!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week!

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12 thoughts on “Trend to Try: Mules”

  1. I love mules! And I’m like you, I really like neutral colors in shoes but a fun poppy color is nice too!

  2. I love this post! I have been looking for a cute pair of mules and just haven’t had the time to scour the internet. I am definitely buying the grey pair. I love this history on this trend, too! Fabulous post!! xo Annie

  3. Wonderful post, those mules look GREAT on you. I love the whole outfit. I’ve been wanting to try mules but I’m going to have to do some digging to find ones that look good on me. I’m definitely checking out these though!

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