Whole 30 Update & Review

It’s done its done it’s done!!! Whole 30 is O-V-E-R ! But actually- it really wasn’t that bad! In fact, I think that everyone should try this, at least once. That is everyone who has ever had any stomach issues, which I’m guessing is the majority of people out there! Okay so at times it was definitely the bane of my existence and other days it was just a little straining on my self-control. I want to give a very honest review of my experience to you all so here it goes!


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Whole 30 was hard and frustrating at times. More than I would like to admit, I stood and just stared at things I wanted, obsessed over the idea of them, I even had dreams about them (like who dreams about doughnut ice cream sandwiches?! – THIS GIRL!). But never did I once wake up in the morning feeling awful and regretting having those late night snacks (bc even if I did snack it was dried mango or frozen blueberries!). Waking up  without feeling the ick is incredible!

I can’t stress how much better I feel. While I have definitely cooled down on the work outs (you aren’t supposed to really workout on Whole30) I have so much more overall energy its incredible! My skin is better, my ability to focus and process is better, and best of all my craving for sweets has really gone away (but not all the way of course!). My stomach also has taken a 180, no more bloat or digestive issues (TMI but I feel its important–> no problems “going” over here 😉 ) I used to always wake up with somewhat of a headache for a while, that is gone away for the most part as well!

Weight & size wise I am down about 2 pounds. TBH I don’t really have a ton of weight to loose. I also stopped my weight lifting workouts, so it’s very possible that I just lost some muscle. The first few days I was down like 4 lbs – they don’t recommend weighing yourself (OOPS), then I think I gained some back after getting the hang of cooking for Whole 30. The bridesmaid’s dress fit PERFECTLY (the main reason I started this journey in the first place) I would say my backside is definitely smaller (again muscles). My stomach is probably as flat as it’s been since highschool (crazy what can happen when you cut out sugar!)

This process has really changed the way I think about food. I used to just eat for taste and not really pay attention to why I was eating.  Like many of us I would eat because something sounded good or was in front of me, not because I was actually hungry. Having limited options is part of this decrease in eating just to eat, but my body has also realized that when the only options are actual foods and not just foods that are tastefully pleasing I only want to eat when I am hungry for actual foods! In short (and they call it “having sex with your pants on” eating, essentially eating just for taste. I can proudly say that it is no longer a habit of mine.

Call me crazy but eating to me is now kind of like drinking! Let me clarify – okay so you drink water at night and you wake up feeling good. You only drink water all week and you wake up feeling even better. You drink wine one night you wake up okay but not great, drink wine every night of the week you wake up feeling terrible! Simply put, and definitely said before – you are what you eat! Get rid of the bad stuff and there isn’t anything (at least food wise) that can make you feel bad!

Burning question – will I continue with my Whole30? No, not in the sense that I will adhere to it exactly, I will definitely try and lean more towards paleo and whole 30 recipes from here on out.  Nothing taste as good as feeling good! That’s why I will be thinking twice before grabbing a tub of ice cream and a spoon, because while it taste good, the feeling (physical and emotional) are just not worth it!  If you ever have any questions at all about whole 30 please let me know! Or if you’ve done it I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Here are my favorite Whole 30 recipes

Tomato Basil Chicken – (coconut milk makes an excellent & healthy thickener!)

 Flourless Brownies – perfect for a girl’s night when you know you’re going to over indulge (I like it better cold! I’ve even frozen it!) *Thanks again to Matts mom for finding this recipe!*

Who says you can’t have Burger & Fries?!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you all have a lovely week!

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16 thoughts on “Whole 30 Update & Review”

  1. A ton of weight to lose?? You have zero weight to lose! Loved your break down of the whole 30. I am petrified I won’t be able to stick to it, but I have heard of all the benefits. I need less bloat, clearer skin, and focus more… so perhaps I should just do it.
    Great post! Love this look too, so pretty!

    xx, Elise

    1. Elise – your so sweet! Thanks girl! You should totally try it! I am more than happy to be your accountability buddy if you need one! Or just positive source when the sugar cravings are monsterous lol

  2. You look fab babe, don’t stress about anything, make sure you are a priority and your happiness. We all hit a wall sometimes because of the pressure we create for ourselves (weight, hair, makeup, clothes, relationships and so on).

    1. Hey Yasmine! Its from my sisters closet! lol but no really its from Nordstroms!

    1. Thanks Laura! Its one of my favorite bags, I can even take off the strap and make it a clutch!

  3. I so agree on the “You Are What You Eat” idea! I recently started tweaking my eating habits (cleaner choices during the week, small indulgences on the weekend, less booze) and training 4-5 times a week because, well, I was tired and felt like crap. So it was fun to read about your Whole 30 experience, as I recognized a lot of my own experience with my lifestyle tweak.

    1. Natassja,
      Get it girl!!! Good for you! Its incredible that just changing your diet can make such a huge impact on your entire body, but makes sooo much sense! Keep up the great work!
      love that you do small indulgences on the weekends, its really all about that balance!

  4. I loved reading this. I know this is something i want to try, but haven’t built up the courage haha! I eat good 70% of the time, but indulge in ice cream every night. I know i would love the way i felt if i gave my a shot with the whole 30. I just might have too! Loved your honest review.

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! Ha you seriously don’t know how happy it makes me when people get value out of a post! (heart emoiji) . Girl Ice Cream is my weakness, we live within walking distance of a TCBY and every night is a struggle knowing the deliciousness is right down the street. Try a bowl of frozen blueberries instead, I did that and definitely helped! You should totally try it! Let me know how it goes for you!

  5. I am with you on the WINE!! I feel horrible after just ONE GLASS. I am even thinking that I might have an allergy to alcohol?! I’m interested in trying Whole 30 because I’ve heard it can help balance your hormones, which I’ve been having issues with over the last year. 🙂 You look fabulous! Thanks for sharing this review. xo Annie

    1. OMG Annie, I am with you! It’s like all tolerance for alcohol has gone out the door- where is my college liver lol! I’m sorry to hear you have been issues over the past year, you should definitely try Whole 30, it could even help you see if many its a certain type of food that is offsetting your system! Let me know if you need any support if/when you decide to do it! oh and thank you ! 🙂

    1. Thanks Adi! I can’t recommend it enough, it really does re set your system and give your body a boost!

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