Striped Sundress & Naples, FL Guide

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!

Is it me or can the Friday after you get back from vacation never come soon enough? JK every Friday can never come soon enough! The fact that it is Friday AND Cinco de Mayo is a sign that there is good in the universe.  As you may have seen on my instagram stories last week, we went to Naples, FL with Matts fam! It was such an amazing trip, I thought I would share where to stay, where to eat, and what to do if you are ever in the area!


While this vacation we rented this amazing VRBO, we have previously stayed at the Ritz. While the Ritz is obnoxiously expensive (we only stayed here bc it was a work trip for Matt) it’s location can’t be beat! Its located right on Vanderbilt beach, only a few minutes from downtown Naples, and the Mercato shopping area! If you do end up staying at or near the Ritz get a spa treatment! Each spa treatment comes with it’s own day pass to the spa (including a steam room, sauna, rooftop pool, mineral pool, aqua therapy pool). However, if you are traveling with a large group and places like the Ritz are out of the question, I highly recommend trying VRBO. Another insiders tip is to stay bayside, as you can get a lot more for your money than if you stay oceanfront. Our house was only half a mile walk to the beach, or a 5 minute bike ride.  If your coming from anywhere that is not close to the ocean (for example Kansas 😉 ) this will seem like a very small walk I promise!

Lets start off with the most important part of any vacation- What to Wear of course!!!

Naples is all about sophisticated beach style! Sounds intimidating doesn’t it? It totally doesn’t need to be! Just think southern charm. What this means  is airy sundresses, bold prints, and brightly colored accents. Slip on a sundress with some statement earrings and a fun clutch and you’re ready! Shoe wise – keep it easy as you never know when you will be walking down the beach and will need to slip off your shoes quickly! When I was prepping for the trip (aka shopping)  I found this dress from the local boutique Scoobie and knew it HAD to come with me to Naples! It was perfect because I was looking for something that wasn’t form fitting. This was essential for two reasons; its humid as you know what down there,  and I also planned on stuffing my face every night and wanted to do so without constraint!

PS if you are in the Kansas City area I highly recommend this boutique. The owner Sarah is amazing! She not only has the best eye for fashion, which is clearly reflected in what you will find in her boutique collection, but also does door to door service (yes clothes delivered to your HOUSE for you to try on). She will literally bring you some clothes to try out and then come back and pick up what you don’t want! Simply amazing.

Scoobie | Similar Clutch | Sunnies | Shoes (under $35!)


Since I was fresh off of Whole 30 for this trip I was more than ready to eat my heart out!

La Playa Beach Resort – Baleen Restaurant 

Just a few hotels/condos down from the Ritz, La Playa offers amazing outdoor seating for their restaurant. Make reservations at least a month in advance (always check and see what time sunset is and make your reservation for a 30 min – 1 hour before) this place fills up fast! For dinner I recommend the scallops. A few at the table got the prepared menu and it looked delicious! Poor Matt, this is his favorite restaurant in all of Naples and he missed out because he got food poisoning the night before we left and wasn’t able to come to dinner  (and also vomited the entire plane ride down TMI I know!).

Drink wise I could not make up my mind and tried a drink, Aviation something. Long story short I didn’t really like it but also didn’t want to complain. The waiter was soo nice and immediately got me a new drink on the house! May I recommend the mango mojito 😉

Gumbo Lindo

This place is part of the Ritz, so I could just leave you at that and let you imagine how good it is! Well truth be told the food is just okay, pretty good actually for the few choices you get, but everyone comes here for the view! This restaurant is literally right up on the beach and you can get a table that faces the sunset! They do not take reservations, so if you are planning on it, come an hour or two before sunset and put your name in to secure your spot! They also ring a bell when the sun sets, its such a cool experience! Order the Lobster quesadilla, chicken kabob, and the lobster-bean-queso dip – all so delicious! Drink the peach pina colada (thank goddess calories don’t count on vacation!)


Wednesday Matt’s mom, dad,  aunt, and uncle all decided to go on a 20 mile bike ride. Have I ever mentioned how active Matt’s parents are?! Like I don’t think they ever stop moving! Its pretty incredible! If you tag along with them you will never feel guilty about indulging . However this day I was tired from taking a jog and kayak adventure in the morning so the kids (Matt, myself, and Matt’s brother) all drove to meet  the over achieving adults for lunch. We ended up at the Boat house and it was so cool! You get to sit outside on somewhat of a dock and can watch the boats and all the other activity on the water. Again the service was very good! I had the chicken spinach salad and we also had the calamari as an appetizer. While the salad was good the appetizer was even better! They also have a large selection of cocktails so come here with the intention to stay a while!


The Mercato Shopping center

Vanderbilt Beach

Bike – Naples Cyclery 

Okay well i’m already ready to go back now!!!! Do you all have anything fun planned for the weekend?!

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  1. Awesome dress. I like how the ruffle shoulder drops down and creates a nice line across the chest area. I also like the pop of red!

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