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Happy Monday! Its Springtime which for me equals gift season! Between May & June I feel like there are so many holidays/events that it turns into a mini Christmas! Mothers Days, Graduation, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers you name it they all seem to happen in these two months for me.  Because I know my brain is racked for good gift ideas I thought I would share with you all some of my gift go -to’s in case you were looking for gifts as well.

TBH I’m the worst person on the planet to get a gift for. LIKE THE WORST. Just ask Matt, my mom, or my sister. I have literally returned almost every gift Matt has ever gotten me…aside from my ring and things I “bought” for him to give to me (yes I’m that person, hate me if you must). This sounds terrible I know but I just hate the idea of wastefulness. Like if I get something and I’m not ever going to use it or can’t re-gift it, I just feel sick. While I think I’ve gotten better with age on this (I no longer cry this isn’t what I wantttteeeddd at Christmas- KIDDING JUST KIDDING ya’ll I’m not THAT bad) I still want Matt to just know exactly what I want without telling him. I think a lot of people are this way.

For me this is because gift giving is one of my “languages of love”. This means, that when Matt gives me something it is a true reflection of him understanding and knowing me. I have come to learn that this is also completely ludicrous. Just because I get a gift that I don’t want or would have NEVER picked out for myself doesn’t mean the person giving it doesn’t understand me, it simply means they just can’t read my mind or more often than not, didn’t know what to get.  I almost want to say that again, just because it has been such a hard concept for me to grasp. I used to worry that since they got me X gift I was acting/dressing in a certain way that would infer that the given gift would be something I would like. But just like you can’t stop your grandma from gifting you horrific table cloths, you also can’t change how people gift.

Because I am so jaded on receiving gifts, I’m also very hard on myself when giving gifts. I remember being 7 years old and dragging my poor Omi (grandma) to J.C. Penny’s over and over because I just could not decide which “I love you Mom” necklace my mom would want the most. I would like one but then would second guess if she would like a different style and just wanted it to be so perfect! The entire thing is completely Laughable now because I’m sure the necklace was so hideous she only wore it to appease me as every good mom does. But I remember thinking okay, this has got to be so perfect because this is how she will know I love her like I do. Not saying that you must give gifts to show your love at all just saying for me it’s a good interpretation of how I’m feeling because in person I’m not so great with words and emotions sometimes!

So- When it comes time for graduations, Mother’s Day, birthdays and so on I always want to be sure I get the person we are celebrating something they will truly like and know that I care for them! This can be SO HARD for some people. Either they already have everything, they are super picky, or they say I don’t need anything. Guilty of the last two over here! So, to simply your life and mine here are some of my favorite things to gift for women! (Sorry guys, you’ll get your moment in June!)  However, just to be safe, always keep that receipt 😉

Sole Serum

For any female in your life that wear heels, aka EVERY female this is the product for them/you. I am tall and never got used to wearing heels and this stuff SAVED me, SAVED me when I was recently in a wedding. This isn’t sponsored or anything, just passing along the goodness. I was discussing this with a co-worker and the active ingredient is lidocaine, we were saying how this would be perfect for sore muscles and cramps too! So, what I’m trying to say is get this for yourself if no one else!

Dio Candles

These are the cutest candles I’ve ever seen. I think I got 8 of them lol! I love that there is such a wide range of options with these, so you can find the perfect one for each person on your list! They are also a small company and super-fast at shipping. Within minutes of placing my order I received a communication that it had shipped and another one regarding my satisfaction with my order. I’m talking Facebook messenger not corporate spam emails. You just don’t get that kind of customer service these days!

Tory Burch York tote

Okay this is super expensive and would be more so for a graduation gift. But ya’ll this thing will last her a lifetime! I would personally love one but need to convince myself to spend the money, however chances are the girl you gifting this too is probably thinking the same thing. You can use this tote for weekend trips, plane rides, every day, and work. Tell me a bad thing about it, I’m all ears and so is my wallet!. Sidenote do the luggage or black color they will go with more-  unless navy or red just reflects her personality!

Dry Bar Products

Triplesec or Dry Shampoo

. One of my friends used this once and I couldn’t get over the goodness of the smell. The fact that it does amazing things for your hair is just a happy accident in my mind. But really guys both products do WONDERS on your hair.

I Like You book

I recently received this as a bridesmaid gift. While I’m all about getting purposeful gifts (stuff they can use) sometimes you just need a little something sentimental.  This book is so sweet and will hit home with everyone. I might even gift it to Matt someday (after he forgets that someone else already gave it to me, Matt hope you’re not reading this, although you’re a pretty good blogging fiancé so I’m suuuure you are 😉 )

23 & Me

Who doesn’t want to know a little more about their history. Your lying if your favorite subject to know more about isn’t yourself. This is also something I don’t think a lot of people will spend the money to do themselves. They also have the option of finding out more information regarding your health (it does come at an added cost).  Maybe it’s the nurse in me but for parents this seems like such a wonderful gift! To know if you are predisposed for certain ailments and to be able to take steps to prevent them now before their side effects show up, HELLO GENIUS. Also currently they are doing a $20 off + free gift wrapping!

Tula Discovery Kit

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Tula products! Anytime I feel like my face is starting to dry out or just need and little lift I use my exfoliate. For everyday I use the day and night cream! Having very sensitive skin I can tell you this stuff works great for almost all skin types. While there are a few things I’ve never tried in their discovery kit, like the face cleanser or wrinkle serum there are both two things no women would ever turn down!

So, that’s my list! When in doubt, think of that person, think of what they have going on right now. Are they getting ready to remodel a kitchen? (Hi mom- that’s you!) Maybe a gift card to a hardware store or a relaxing massage might do them better than that “Moms are the best” necklace that they don’t want ;).  Do they have everything in the world already and just tell you they want to spend time with you? Get them an experience, better yet one you can do together like the Bottles and Brushes places or Pinots and Pallets! My best advice is to think of what the person likes to do and focus on that. Gift cards get a bad rap and I totally get that, but has anyone ever turned down a gift card to Nordstrom or Starbucks? NO!

Lastly- wrap your gift. Presentation is essential. You could put a piece of coal in a beautiful bag with a pretty ribbon on it and its likely to be received in good graces because its prettier than a plain piece of coal.

Okay really guys that’s all (I think I’ve said that like 3 times now!) Hope you all are having an amazing Spring and the sun is shining wherever you are! Happy Gifting!

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  1. Great round-up!! I am on the same page as you in regards to people getting me gifts so I loved your honesty on this topic haha! That Tory tote is too cute and I totally want one for myself! Thanks for sharing with us at the link-up!

    Trendy & Tidy

    1. Ha, Sarah the struggle is real isn’t it?! Why is it so hard to put on that happy face and fake it lol?!

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