Spring Date Night Idea

We have been so busy lately with traveling and wedding planning that we have totally gone cold on getting creative with our date night ideas! A few weeks ago our absolute favorite date night restaurant actually caught on fire! (read the story here). While we are definitely hoping that they go for a remodel we also decided it was time to change things up a bit! Matt had the ingenious idea of going for a picnic!


White Jeans  | Purse | Blue and White Top | Wedges 

I have to give this one up to Matt- I would have never even thought of doing this!  It just makes sense though with the weather getting warmer and the days lasting longer.  Picnic date nights are the perfect opportunity to finally get out of the house and enjoy being outside!  I feel like picnics are something of the “old” days and for some reason they never really came back around. While it may sound like a lot of work, I promise its not!

What you need:




Alcohol of your choice


Bug Spray

Thats it! Really that is all you need!  When planning we decided it would be super easy to get the main course from a restaurant. We picked the Mixx a local KC restaurant where you build your own salad – amazing! Any grocery store with a salad bar would work as well!  Then just supplement your salads with any artisian cheeses/meats and crackers your heart desires! Another reason we loved getting main course to go is that it cut down on the utensils we needed to bring. We also loved that we could bring our own alcohol, bc nothing is worse than over paying for it!

Yes going out on a picnic date takes a bit of prep but it also is so much fun to sit outside, listen to music, and just enjoy one another.  Pets are also perfect accompaniments to picnics in the park! Okay now what to wear to this picnic??? Thats easy, wear whatever you feel comfortable in! I went with jeans and some wedges that I could easily slip on and off. Just because your outside doesn’t mean you have to comprise on your oufiit What is your best recommendation for a spring or summer date night?

Thanks so much for reading!

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17 thoughts on “Spring Date Night Idea”

    1. Thank you!!! I love when i’m able to match my shoes with my purse! Hope you had a great weekend!

  1. I LOVE this blouse! It is absolutely gorgeous from the print to the ruffles! Perfect for a picnic – which btw aren’t those the best?? I love that you two do them also – a good excuse for some rosé outside!! xx Shannon


    1. Thank you Linda! You so need a pair! They are such great staple pieces, H&M (where these are from) are such great quality for the price!

  2. Love this look and it’s perfect for a picnic in the park. I have a thing for picnics as well and I’ve been wanting to do one with the kiddos. You’re right, it’s so simple to plan and with so much going on, especially wedding planning, I can see how you may want to keep thing simple. It just makes sense to. I bet the wedding will be gorgeous and I’m sure you’ve seen lots of fun things during your travels. Hope this weekend has started right for you. xx

    1. Maya, thank you so much for your kind words!!! Wedding planning is so draining and every bit of encouragement i can get i just love, so can’t tell you how much i appreciate it! Hope you get to take your kiddos out to the park soon for that picnic!

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