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Recently a new Barre3 studio opened up in Brookside (Kansas Ctiy, MO)  and  last week I had the pleasure of checking it out! When I got invited I was so excited because I had driven by it a few times and had been wanting to know what Barre3 was all about! I was also really nervous, like a little sick to my stomach nervous. Its no secret I’m not the most coordinated person on the planet. To say that I have a hard time interpreting the instructors moves into my own would be putting it nicely 😉 .  I was worried, would I know the moves? Could I keep up? I’ve been to far too many work out classes where I end up cowering in the corner embarrassed and running out at the first opportunity.  To insure I didn’t back out I invited my friend Lyndsey (who is a workout queen) to come with me! This way I knew I couldn’t back out.

It ends up I had absolutely nothing to worry about! Ha okay you knew that was coming I know, I know. But seriously everyone there was so nice, friendly, and not intimidating in the least! They even helped us get the right equipment to get started. The classes are little bit like dance class. With the addition of weights (light weights) and a small orange ball that adds some support for your back.

The instructor was amazing! She went over every single move and made sure everyone was on under stood the move and was doing it correctly. She also really reiterated how you should respect your body and only do what is best for your body. There was a lot of focus on listening to your body and encouraging yourself to say I can, instead of I can’t. For me, who has sub par muscle mass this was essential! While going through ballet like movements may not sound intense, my entire body was shaking. Luckily they played really good music and changed the lighting during the workout which kept the energy up! It didn’t even feel like I was in a long work out that I couldn’t wait to get over, it was more like hanging out with some of my close friends! I even had a few flashbacks to my dance class days.

 As females I feel like long and lean muscles are what we are always looking to achieve, and that is exactly what these classes offer! Barre3 actually has studios all over the country not just in KC! Aside from a really great work out and fun environment Barre3 is also all about empowering women! They are a boutique fitness company with 125+ female owned studios! They also offer online classes and healthy recipes. Barre 3 really focuses on balancing your lifestyle and take your whole bodies health into consideration, which i think is so neat because so many places just focus on working out, but there is so much more to it than that!    If you are in the Kansas City area I highly recommend going and checking out the Barre3 studio in Brookside!  Thanks again to the Barre3 studio for giving me the opportunity to experience this fun type of workout! All opinions and sore muscles are my own 😉

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  1. I have been wanting to try this workout but hadn’t gotten to it yet. I love yoga as well, I will definitely be trying this now!

  2. Great post, thank you for sharing! I’ve done Pure Barre in the past but have always been curious if Barre3 is different. Excited to check it out – and love that they have such a positive empowerment message along with fantastic classes 🙂

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