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Hey ladies!

I am so excited to share todays post with you! As women, I feel like we are always putting others before us and far too often we do not take time to relax and have fun! This is why having a GNO is so important! My friends and I recently had the opportunity to check out Jax Fish House GNO and we had  such an AMAZING time!

How pretty are my friends?!  This picture does not even do them justice they are beyond gorgeous!!!! Molly ( The Lovely Mess) & Heather (Minted in the Midwest) are part of my blogging tribe. Ya’ll without them I would not only be lost,  but blogging would be lot less fun and probably more than I could handle! They constantly inspire and educate me. If I can be thankful for anything that blogging has brought me, it is friendships like these! Not pictured is our sweet friend Meg (Alex & Alex) she unfortunately could not make it, she was greatly missed!

Seriously best calamari in KC!

One of the things I love the most about Jax Fish House is their seafood of course!  (it has to be good if they put it in the name right?!)  Living in Kansas City it can be so hard to find good quality seafood.  Matt and I are what most would consider foodies and both been extremely fortunate in our lives to have experienced some amazing cuisine. While we appreciate our good fortune, it has also ruined us! When fish is not fresh we just know and it’s the worst because it makes finding and enjoying it so hard for us in KC! We absolutely love the quality of the seafood at Jax and have yet to try a dish we do not like! If you are looking for some tasty oysters, oyster shooters (sounds gross but actually really good), or the best calamari of your life you are in the right spot!

Another thing I love about Jax is their atmosphere! They have such a great space for mingling. Their bar is not only fun to look at but fun to drink at too. The U shaped bar is the focal point when you walk in. It is so fun to sit and watch your drinks and food get prepared!  Another important aspect of their bar is that it is situated in a way that encourages conversation. While it’s a fun and happening place, you can still hear each other!    But really ya’ll, when you are with your girls  you want to be able to hear the latest gossip without everyone else hearing all the juicy details 😉  Jax has nailed this environment! They also have a wonderful beer, wine, and cocktail list so it’s easy to keep the conversations flowing if you know what I mean 😉

For as much as an introvert I am, I always feel refreshed and energized after spending a night with my girls! The next time you head out for your Thursday GNO I highly recommend checking out Jax Fish House! Special thanks to Jax for having us- we truly had an amazing time!  Where is your favorite place to do a girls night?!


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    1. I have them as well and love them! They are seriously so comfortable! Hope you had an amazing weekend!

  1. Aw thank you Alex! Yes always good to know there are others out there that are local! Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

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