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Fall is finally here! Which means break out all the sweaters and pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING!  Even better it even feels like fall today in KC (well at least this morning 😉 ) .  If you are like me you have been turning your closet upside down (or literally inside out). With this closet flip comes a major clean out (totally needed). Something I love is that you get a great chance to see what you have and what you don’t have! I am so excited to share this sweater coat from SheIn with you! It not only is a great piece, it also comes in for a great price!



With every online ordering company make sure you pay close attention to sizing. That measuring tape is your friend, YOUR BEST FRIEND! lol I mean in order to get the sizing right and not risk having to return (bc that sucks) measure and compare your measurements to their sizing charts. For reference this sweater coat is a onesize fits all. I am 5’8 125ish pounds for reference.

Another online ordering tip – compare the item on a mac vs a pc. I have a lenovo for work and I have a mac at home. Holy smokes do colors differ between the two. I have found that if I compare between the two and I like both I am usually satisfied with the color and it usually falls somewhere closer to the PC color (just a little tip!)


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Something else I wanted to talk to you guys about! Maybe a little explaining I feel like I owe you all. You might of noticed I haven’t been posting much and there is a great reason for this! At least I think it’s a great reason. I feel like I feel into the bottomless pit of comparison and social media. I felt that I had to be just like everyone else and do everything that everyone else does. Well as you can imagine that started to make me feel not so wonderful. I think it was when we got back from our honeymoon I was just feeling so relaxed and thankful and overall confident. At first I thought it was from the tan (bc this pale lady always feels better with a little color !) then as that started to fade and I still felt good I dug a little deeper. I realized that in just the short week I went to Turks and couldn’t have my phone on me constantly and was too busy living to be married to my phone I felt overall happier. I think Matt noticed too, as he has said before that me on my phone is okay, but often I get grumpy afterwards (this is usually after hours of endless scrolling up while my happiness and confidence would in turn go down). With that being said I’m not quitting blogging- its so much fun in so many ways! But i’m not going to pressure myself to thrust things down ya’lls throats when it doesn’t feel 100% real. So with that being said yes She In gifted me this cardigan, but I’m only sharing it with you guys bc I genuinely like it. Post will be a bit more spaced out but also a lot more real and honest! I hope you’ll stick with me! I have a post planned on the downfalls of social media- would that be something you guys would be interested in? Comment and let me know!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL day! Remember – being you and only you, is the BEST thing you can do.

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2 thoughts on “Fall Staples with Shein”

  1. I love that you addressed how you felt about social media. I am definitely addicted and could probably use a break! I think comparing ourselves to other people/bloggers is easy to do, but we need to embrace ourselves and how different everyone is. I appreciate your posts and that’s why I subscribe! Have a great weekend!

    Riva | http://www.whatrivawore.com

  2. I love your look! I notice that SheIn has a lot of one size fits all…well, I’m 5’1″ and 97 pounds. Most one size fits all things don’t fit me, LOL! As for the rest, don’t let social media get you down. You can’t compare yourself to others…it’s just not worth it! Have a great weekend!

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