Valentines Day Gift Guide for Him


Happy February!!! Everyone is saying how January dragged on and on but to me it flew so quickly! I cannot believe that it is already the second month of the year! With that being said a new blog post is MORE than over due. Sticking to my mantra of being as real as possible it seems almost fitting to share a Valentines gift guide for your man with all of you! Whether it be a son, brother, boyfriend, or husband these gifts will leave them all with a smile on their face! If your wondering what i’m getting Matt – aside from my unconditional love that he recieves everyday- I will share on actual Valentines day! Being the supportive spouse he is i’m sure he will be reading this and I don’t want to ruin the surprise! 😉

1- Le Labo Santal “33”

Holy moly this stuff is liquid gold in the scent department. While it is wildy expensive if you ask me, it is 100% worth it. I am highly sensitive to scents and this stuff has never once made me feel sick! Funny- the first time I smelled this was on my bridesmaids boyfriend on my the night of my wedding rehersal. I literally made him text me the scent that very night bc I could not get over how good it smelled and how unsick I felt while smelling it! I even spray a little and walk through it in the mornings when Matt is gone (omg I just realized how pathetic that sounds!) ha but I really do, it helps me feel like he is there! I also don’t mind if people think this scent is really me!

2 – Classic “Clubmaster” sunglasses

If there is one thing that I have found that guys love and constantly loose or break it is sunglasses! Matt is def one of those guys that might as well use the lake in the summer as an unbreakable piggy bank that he constantly throws his money into! Everytime I see a guy in these sunglasses I feel like he not only looks put together but effortlessly cool, and trust me that not trying to hard vibe is HARD to achieve!

3 – Soundsport Wireless Headphones 

Does your guy work out? Is he into electronics? Does he NOT live under a rock? Ha if you can answer yes to any of these, the fellow in your life will L-O-V-E these headphones! Having the power to cut the cord is all the rage among all age groups right now! As someone who has recently converted from wired headphones I can assure that not having to plug in make such an amazing difference! I love this as a gift idea because it is something they can use and enjoy everyday!

4- Letters to my Love time capsule book 

Oh my goodness I love this gift idea! AND its under $15!!!! okay but how sweet it is to think to make them an entire book filled with words of your love? I love this gift idea for parents and children as well. I secretly want to get one and write letters to our child every year and give it to them on highschool graduation or something! (AGAIN NOT PREGNANT ! JUST A COOL IDEA) I also think it would be so special to write a letter to your parents once a month and give it to them at the end of the year. Orrrr obvs give to your bae and fill it with special notes! Written word is so easily overlooked in our digital age which is why i think it is all the more special when people take the time to physically write down their feelings for you!

5- KUHL lined jacket  

Per the husband this brand is what all the young professionals are wearing, its the new break out brand, it’s literally the KUHLest thing to wear. HAH yes I just went there. This jacket is perfect for the guy in your life that you want to keep stylish and warm! Matt likes this jacket so much he decided that his entire company needed them (can we say obessed!) I actually considered getting one for my dad but he recently upgraded his coveted “terrible” green jacket so I didn’t want to push him too much. But I can honestly say wherever we go Matt really does get compliments on this thing all the time. When we are in Colorado – men and women alike stop and ask where he got that jacket….anyway I think you get the point!

6- Leather Messenger Bag 

Just like purses are defining pieces for women, briefcases and laptop bags serve the same symbolism for men. We saw these bags in Nordstroms in Austin and were so impressed with their high quality! Sometimes these bags look cool but then you pick them up and feel them and wonder /worry when they are going to fall apart! This bag feels like it will hold up for years and years to come. I’m also remember as I type this that we need to share it with Matts brother who has been looking for something just like this for forever!


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