Ah, this is so nerve racking yet so exciting! Creating this has been on my to-do since I started following other fashion bloggers! It is an instant anxiety attack to put myself out there and share a piece of my world but also such an invigorating rush! I must say writing here is infinitely more exciting than any paper I did in grad school!

They say a challenge only becomes and obstacle when you bow to it. Well I have no intention of backing down. The pic above is from my first time in NYC this past spring. It was such an exciting time, my friend had just gotten engaged and we were there to celebrate with her. It was also one of the scariest trips I had ever gone on as well, being from a small town the thought of New York is enough for me to want to turn around and run the other way. The subway, the people, the buildings all completely overwhelmed me. Yet I took a chance and went exploring, and am so happy I did.

I  look at this blog somewhat like my trip to New York. I was/am so excited yet so terrified at the same time. However, just like New York, you don’t know until you go out and take that first step!  So thank you for joining me on my first steps! I can’t wait to see what you all think!